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John Diliberto

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Wendy & Lisa: Former Prince divas become heroic composers (03:30)
From: John Diliberto

Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman came to renown in Prince's 1980s band, The Revolution, helping him compose the music of albums like Purple Rain. But the duo has been on their ...
Caption: Tosca, Credit: Markus Roessle

Tosca: The new Vienna School is plugged in (03:30)
From: John Diliberto

Tosca finds a contemplative chill in down-tempo electronica with their CD "No Hassle"
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Moby: Wait for Me (03:30)
From: John Diliberto

Moby has made his most personal album yet with Wait for Me, a CD of deep textures, soulful ruminations and unexpected turns.
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Qntal: Medieval tradition plugged into electronic grooves (03:30)
From: John Diliberto

Old German and hurdy gurdys collide with synthesizers and grooves with Qntal. Oud player Michael Popp and singer Sigrid Hausen also perform in the early music group ...
Caption: Bear McCreary

From: John Diliberto

The music and musician behind TV’s best Sci-Fi show