About PRX

PRX is a non-profit media company specializing in audio journalism and storytelling. We believe strong public media is anchored in journalism, strengthened with diverse voices, and amplified by innovative technology. 

Our award-winning portfolio ranges from iconic public radio programs like “The World,” “This American Life,” “The Takeaway” and “Reveal,” to a growing body of podcast-first productions including the Radiotopia network, home to “99% Invisible,” “Ear Hustle,” and “Criminal.” Each month we reach more than 28.5 million listeners and generate in excess of 70 million podcast downloads per month. 

Founded in 2003, PRX was named one of Fast Company’s "Ten Most Innovative Companies in Media" in both 2015 and 2017, reflecting our critical leadership — as both a technology and content creator — as podcasting has emerged into a mainstream medium. In 2018, we merged with Public Radio International (PRI), a public media network that since 1983 expanded public radio through alternative programming, with an emphasis on international and cultural reporting.

Today PRX works in partnership with hundreds of public radio stations and thousands of independent producers. Since 2016, our work has also included a substantial training program, which is helping journalists and storytellers from across the country and around the world adapt to and succeed in the highly competitive podcast market.

In 2020, PRX introduced PRX Productions, a team of audio directors, editors, sound designers, engineers and producers that specialize in the highest quality audio production and storytelling. We help make audio in all forms: podcasts, broadcast shows, experiential audio, and sonic identifiers for our partners.

PRX is headquartered in Boston with offices in Minneapolis and New York and a content network that spans the globe.



PRX’s mission is to lead changes that expand public media as a trusted source of knowledge, information, and inspiration for all.



  • Kerri Hoffman
    Kerri Hoffman

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Andrew Kuklewicz
    Andrew Kuklewicz

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Donna Hardwick
    Donna Hardwick

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Cory Zanin
    Cory Zanin

    Chief Finance Officer

  • Janetta Stringfellow
    Janetta Stringfellow

    Chief Development Officer

  • Jason Saldanha
    Jason Saldanha

    Chief of Business Development & Content

  • Julie Shapiro
    Julie Shapiro

    Executive Producer, Radiotopia

  • Shaquille Anderson
    Shaquille Anderson

    Marketing Manager, Audience Growth

  • Beth Aldridge
    Beth Aldridge

    Director, Financial Operations & Reporting

  • Lisa Baumert
    Lisa Baumert

    Director, Individual Giving

  • Mary Brennan
    Mary Brennan

    Manager, Administrative Support

  • Austin Boyer
    Austin Boyer

    Marketing Manager

  • Mariel Cariker
    Mariel Cariker

    Marketing Coordinator, Radiotopia

  • Ryan Cavis
    Ryan Cavis

    Technical Lead

  • Morgan Church
    Morgan Church

    Senior Director, Business Systems

  • Charlotte Cooper
    Charlotte Cooper

    Director, Audience Growth & Marketing

  • David Cotrone
    David Cotrone

    Public Relations Specialist

  • Audrey Davidson
    Audrey Davidson

    Senior Director, Revenue & Partnerships

  • Robert DeBenedictis
    Robert DeBenedictis

    Systems Administrator

  • Eric Dhan
    Eric Dhan

    Community Manager, PRX/KQED Podcast Garage

  • Indra Ekmanis
    Indra Ekmanis

    Senior Manager, Institutional Giving

  • Ian Fox
    Ian Fox

    Project Manager, Business Development & Strategy

  • Lisa Gardner-Springer
    Lisa Gardner-Springer

    Senior Director, Institutional Funding Business Development

  • Stacy Gerard
    Stacy Gerard

    Distribution Manager

  • Jocelyn Gonzales
    Jocelyn Gonzales

    Executive Producer, PRX Productions

  • Byron Green
    Byron Green

    Senior Director, Diversity Equity and Inclusion

  • Eileen Hughes
    Eileen Hughes

    Senior Manager, Marketing, Operations & Engagement

  • Brandon Hundt
    Brandon Hundt

    Director, Product Management

  • Gina James
    Gina James

    VP, Strategic Impact

  • Chris Kalafarski
    Chris Kalafarski

    Director, Design

  • Stephanie Kuo
    Stephanie Kuo

    Senior Director, Training

  • Hunter Laningham
    Hunter Laningham

    Advertising Operations Associate

  • Kyle Lerfald
    Kyle Lerfald

    Distribution Manager

  • Sandra Lopez-Monsalve
    Sandra Lopez-Monsalve

    Audio Engineer and Producer, PRX Productions

  • Yooree Losordo
    Yooree Losordo

    Managing Producer, TRAX

  • Kai Lucas-Baradan
    Kai Lucas-Baradan

    Manager, IT

  • Niki Lueck
    Niki Lueck

    Staff Accountant

  • Jagmeet Singh Mac
    Jagmeet Singh Mac

    Senior Manager, Station Services

  • Audrey Mardavich
    Audrey Mardavich

    Managing Producer, Radiotopia

  • Victor McGinnis
    Victor McGinnis

    Sales Operations Associate

  • Kali Navé
    Kali Navé

    Director, Advertising Operations

  • Sean Nesbitt
    Sean Nesbitt

    Senior Director, Industry Partnerships

  • Edwin Ochoa
    Edwin Ochoa

    Director, Human Resources

  • Paloma Orozco
    Paloma Orozco

    Senior Director, Technical Distribution

  • Gregory Parks
    Gregory Parks

    Distribution Associate

  • Molly Perkins
    Molly Perkins

    Director of Digital Fundraising

  • Rick Peterman
    Rick Peterman

    Senior Developer

  • Anissa Pierre
    Anissa Pierre

    Manager, Digital Content

  • Ma'ayan Plaut
    Ma'ayan Plaut

    Senior Manager, Audience Development & Engagement

  • Danika Ragnhild
    Danika Ragnhild

    Director of Project Management

  • Sierra Reed
    Sierra Reed

    Senior Manager, Station Services

  • Michelle Smawley
    Michelle Smawley

    Executive Producer, TRAX

  • Genevieve Sponsler
    Genevieve Sponsler

    Senior Managing Producer, Content

    PRX Remix Producer

  • Se'era Spragley Ricks
    Se'era Spragley Ricks

    Community Manager, PRX Podcast Garage D.C.

  • Katherine Taylor
    Katherine Taylor

    Advertising Operations Associate

  • Jeff Theisen
    Jeff Theisen

    Director, Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Kristi Tjaden
    Kristi Tjaden

    VP, Finance

  • Kacie Watson
    Kacie Watson

    Audience Insights Analyst

  • Sam Vevang
    Sam Vevang

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Jeanne Yeh
    Jeanne Yeh

    Director, Sales Operations

  • Lori Zitterich
    Lori Zitterich

    Senior Manager Board Relations

  • Bailey

    Food Inspector


Board Members

Michael Armstrong — Executive Vice President, Worldwide Television Licensing & Operations Paramount Pictures

Steven Bass — President & CEO, Oregon Public Broadcasting

Henry Becton, Jr. — Vice Chair, WGBH Board of Trustees

Kathy Chan — Co-Founder and Advisor, 137 Ventures

Dodee Frost Crockett — Managing Director-Wealth Management Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc. Crockett, McBride & Associates

Jené Elzie — Chief Growth Officer, Athletes First Partners

Kathryn Finney — Founder & Managing Director, digitalundivided

Betsy Gardella — Retired President & CEO, New Hampshire Public Radio

Richard Gingras Vice President of News, Google

Rima Hyder Vice President of External Communications, FactSet

Kerri Hoffman — President & CEO, PRX, Inc.

Michael Isip — President & CEO, KQED

Tanya Jones — President, Aya Global

Dan Lothian — President & Founder, Little Park Media

Kyra McGrath — Executive Vice President & President, New Ventures & Enterprises, WHYY, Inc.

Dete Meserve Principal, Wind Dancer Films

Claudia Palmer — Chief Operating Officer, WGBH Educational Foundation

Ashton Peery — Retired General Partner, Lucent Technologies

Daniel Routman — Business Development Consultant

Robert Ryan — Retired Senior VP & CFO, Medtronic, Inc.

Edward Schneider — Retired Chairman & Co-Founder, Triton Container International

Umang Shah — Principal, Inovari, LLC

Daniel Shih — Partner, Susman Godfrey

Lawrence Wilkinson — Chairman, Heminge and Condell

Judy Woodruff — Anchor & Managing Editor, PBS NewsHour



PRX receives support from the following organizations: 



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