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Eric Zassenhaus

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  • Username: zass
  • Radio Producer, Web Coordinator
  • Role: Producer/Reporter: Independent

Recent Pieces from Eric Zassenhaus

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Shoplifting 101 (03:50)
From: Eric Zassenhaus

August Bleed has created a pamphlet on the subtle art of shoplifting. Here, he explains the theoretical and methodological approach to "merchandise liberation."
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The Mayor of St. Mary's (03:58)
From: Eric Zassenhaus

Darlene Thomas is the Mayor of St. Mary's Center, a senior resource center and homeless shelter in Oakland, California. The Bay Area has seen a large increase in the number ...
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Chicken John, The Other White Mayor (03:46)
From: Eric Zassenhaus

Chicken John is running for second place for San Francisco Mayor. He's been laughed at on Fox News, and called a dwarf by The San Francisco Chronicle, yet his campaign ...
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San Francisco Columbarium: Ashes to Ampitheater (04:22)
From: Eric Zassenhaus

San Francisco's last remaining cemetery is a columbarium, containing the ashes of thousands of San Francisco luminaries. Jennifer Blowdryer, ex-frontwoman for San Francisco's ...