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Melissa Robbins Allison

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Growing Up in The System (11:42)
From: Radio Rookies

WNYC Radio Rookie, Shirley Diaz's life has been shaped by the tragedy of her mother's murder and having been raised in several foster homes. To avoid being consumed by loss, ...
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Legal Emancipation (09:58)
From: Radio Rookies

At 15 emancipation has brought both freedom and hardship for Radio Rookie Jordan Teklay. Now 17, he's trying to understand what it means to be an adult.
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The Imaginary Village (18:06)
From: Homelands Productions

The Imaginary Village is a story about the meaning of "home" for three generations of Palestinians living in refugee camps.
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The Rules Will Be Different (07:58)
From: Melissa Robbins Allison

For one recount lawyer in Florida, the political became personal in the wake of the 2000 presidential election. Todd Elmer takes us behind the scenes, as a renowned game ...
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What about Me, Uncle Sam? (06:39)
From: Radio Rookies

Every year, American schools graduate roughly 65,000 students who are barred from legal employment because they don't have documentation. Even with a high-school diploma or ...