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Will Coley

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Caption: Southern Flight 242 crash site, 1977, Credit: Joe Parker

Southern Flight 242: Bringing My Father Home (26:26)
From: Will Coley

When I was seven years old, my father died in a commercial plane crash. It’s a fact I grew up knowing and something I never wanted to look into, until now.
Caption: Jeannette Pena believes it's important to smile, Credit: Will Coley

I Decided to Be Happy (06:15)
From: Will Coley

From the Washeteria II Corp laundromat, Jeannette Peña, has a unique vantage point on her neighborhood in Queens, New York.
Caption: Demolition at the Village Trailer Park, Credit: Will Coley

The Green Door to the Future (03:00)
From: Will Coley

In a corner of Santa Monica, CA, residents of the Village Trailer Park face an uncertain future.
Caption: Fr. Wilson & Office Corrolla examine a map of the city, Credit: Will Coley

Trust and Translation: Community Policing in New Bedford, MA (06:13)
From: Will Coley

Will Coley reports on how New Bedford’s police are trying to adapt to the changes in the city's immigrant community.
Caption: Syd Ahlstrom in his studio, Credit: Will Coley

Metal Tuna Fish and Abstract Dreams (04:38)
From: Will Coley

Syd Ahlstrom makes realistic metal sculptures of sea life. His neighbors in Orleans are snapping them up. But Syd says he’d rather make another kind of art, something that’s ...