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Graham Shelby

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Caption: Students in Fukushima, seen here studying American junior high school yearbooks.

Memories of Fukushima, Japan (02:29)
From: Graham Shelby

Long before most Americans had heard of a place called Fukushima, commentator Graham Shelby spent three years teaching English there. He's been watching the ongoing crisis ...
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Planet Buddy (07:00)
From: Graham Shelby

Buddy was a sixteen-year-old bad boy who was experimenting with being good. I'd been a good boy my whole life and was ready to try being bad. Then I went on a field trip to ...
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Diamond Day (06:54)
From: Graham Shelby

Tradition or cliche? Free tickets to a father-son baseball game lead writer Graham Shelby to question his attitude towards the national passtime and the value of things we ...
Caption: Fred Newman performs live sound effects for A Prairie Home Companion

Interview with Fred Newman (08:48)
From: Graham Shelby

Sound effects artist Fred Newman is an integral part of A Prairie Home Companion. In this interview, Fred talks about his roots, his partnership with Garrison Keillor and how ...
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Shakespeare Behind Bars (03:37)
From: Graham Shelby

So a man commits a crime. A terrible crime. He's caught, tried, sentenced and locked up. Then what? What do the rest of us want from the roughly two million inmates currently ...