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Kate Hinds

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  • writer/radio producer
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Recent Pieces from Kate Hinds

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Halloween Costume Stress (04:00)
From: Kate Hinds

Holiday stress--it's not just for Thanksgiving anymore. Halloween may be one of the most beloved days of the year for children, but it can be a real labor of love for parents.
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Identification Day (04:39)
From: Kate Hinds

While the layperson might not be able to tell the difference between a bovine patella and a piece of a T-Rex, the experts at the American Museum of Natural History can. And ...
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The Secret Life of New York's Bees (05:14)
From: Kate Hinds

New York City has outlawed the practice of beekeeping, but local honey is in high demand. What's an apiarist to do? Keep hives on the sly, of course.
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New York's Playground Sprinklers (04:50)
From: Kate Hinds

In early spring, New York City begins readying its playground sprinker system for action. It takes months, but as the children of New York will attest, it's worth it.