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William S. Hammack

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Recent Pieces from William S. Hammack

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Skin Reflects our Health (10:00)
From: KOJB 90.1 FM The eagle

Today we talk about how skin reflects out health.
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The Beat: Julia Oxenreider - "Sara" (01:33)
From: Northern Community Radio - KAXE & KBXE

The literal translation of Julia Helene Oxenreider is: Youthful, changing soft-haired sunlight riding ox. The Beat is a daily reminder that, in Minnesota poetry matters, and ...
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A Conversation with John Collins, Founder, Elevator Repair Service (36:05)
From: National Endowment for the Arts

Backstage with the director of Gatz, a play that takes as its text F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic of and about the Jazz Age. [36:04]
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Savannah Music Festival LIVE - 604 - Richard Goode, Early & Late (59:33)
From: Savannah Music Festival LIVE

Pianist Richard Goode has been described as a non-specialist, in the sense that he's a virtuoso soloist, a compelling recitalist, a committed chamber music performer and a ...
Caption: photo by Hamed Saber from Flickr

In The Land Of The Summer (03:23)
From: Littleglobe

"In The Land Of Summer" is a fictional piece written by Marzia Dessi. Marzia's land of the summer can be seen as an allegory for growing up or the environmental degradation ...
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Constance Tipper: Engineer (02:33)
From: William S. Hammack

Every time I ride in a jet, I look out the window and watch the wing. When I see it's still there, I say a silence thanks to Constance Tipper
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Roller Coasters (02:32)
From: William S. Hammack

A roller coaster relies on very clever engineering in order to terrify its riders safely.
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Strobe photography (02:36)
From: William S. Hammack

We think of strobe photograph as a way to capture a drop of milk or a bullet in flight ... and indeed it did change how we see the world.
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Terry Bicycles (02:30)
From: William S. Hammack

Men and women are built differently and thus their bicycles should reflect these differences.
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Surveillance tags (02:29)
From: William S. Hammack

A former thief invented the surveillance tags used in most stores.