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Catalina Maria Johnson

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Recent Pieces from Catalina Maria Johnson

Caption:  Palo, , Credit: courtesy of the artist.

Tasty, sabroso to the max! (58:00)
From: Catalina Maria Johnson

A holiday special designed to make you drool (musically, that is!) This week's Beat Latino a selection of tasty, super sabroso songs that are full of flavor-y, savory tunes! ...
Caption: Jorge Drexler, Credit:  imagine it media/ Warner Spain

BEAT LATINO: Movimiento (58:00)
From: Catalina Maria Johnson

What defines us as humans? Certainly one of our key characteristics is an eternal drive to seek new horizons - sometimes in adventure, sometimes in search of a better ...
Caption: Mexican Calaca Puppet, Credit: Catalina Maria Johnson

BEAT LATINO: Day of the Dead Celebration (58:00)
From: Catalina Maria Johnson

¡Fiesta para los Muertos! Party for the Day of the Dead!
Piece image

BEAT LATINO: ¡Fuerza, México, fuerza Puerto Rico! (58:00)
From: Catalina Maria Johnson

FUERZA! A Puerto Rico y a Mexico! This week's Beat Latino send positive vibes and energy and strength to Puerto Rico and Mexico. It's an hour of classic tunes celebrating ...
Piece image

BEAT LATINO: Ancestral Grooves! (58:00)
From: Catalina Maria Johnson

Even as we hurtle forward into the 21st Century, our music looks back to the ancestors!
Caption: Mariza, Credit: Isabel Pinto

BEAT LATINO: Kreol Music (58:00)
From: Catalina Maria Johnson

This week’s Beat Latino is a “probadita”- just a taste of wonderful music in Portuguese from the lands that share cultural, historical and linguistic ancestors with us in ...
Caption: Barrio Lindo, Credit: Courtesy of the Artist

BEAT LATINO: Futuro Folkoric: Belleza en el Aire (58:00)
From: Catalina Maria Johnson

Come spend some time with Beat Latino in the vivid dreamscapes created by Futuro Folkloric musicians!
Caption:  Chicano Batman , Credit: Catalina Maria Johnson

BEAT LATINO: Freedom is FREE (58:00)
From: Catalina Maria Johnson

This week's Beat Latino is an ode to freedom: LIBERTAD! Feature photo: Chicano Batman by Catalina Maria Johnson
Caption: Li Saumet from Colombia's Bomba Estéreo, Credit: Catalina Maria Johnson

BEATLATINO: POWER to/from the music! (57:55)
From: Catalina Maria Johnson

The set of songs for this Beat Latino is your power and fuerza playlist, songs to inspire pulling out the strength that is always within us! ADELANTE! Tenemos el power, as ...
Caption: Jessica Hernández and the Deltas, , Credit: Courtesy of the artist.

BEAT LATINO SPECIAL: Spanish, English, Spanglish and the Music (58:00)
From: Catalina Maria Johnson

There's a recent trend to create music in both Spanish and English (even when the artist has primarily sung in one or the other) that we find fascinating, so here's a Beat ...

About Me

Catalina Maria Johnson, the host and producer of Beat Latino, as well as contributer of features on Latino musical arts to Chicago Public Radios, credits her bilingual and bicultural heritage to the tenacious insistence of a Mexican mom and a German/Swedish dad. Thanks to them, she grew up between two cities named St. Louis, one in Missouri, and the other, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Having traveled extensively and lived in Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Honduras, Colombia, and other Latin countries, as well as having circled the globe at least once, visiting most of Europe, India, Japan, and Kenya, Catalina infuses her Latino/Latin radio shows with a multi-cultural perspective, highlighting the great richness and diversity of Latin music reaching back to classic recordings and looking ahead for the best of today's emerging sounds, styles, and performers.

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