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Elisabeth Blair

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  • Username: ecblair
  • Podcaster, Composer, Writer, Multidisciplinary Artist
  • Role: Producer/Reporter: Independent


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Listening to Ladies: Ingrid Stölzel (23:54)
From: Elisabeth Blair

Composer Ingrid Stölzel talks about annoying church bells, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and the importance of mentorship.
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Listening to Ladies: Dolores White (30:20)
From: Elisabeth Blair

Composer Dolores White talks about some of her experiences of segregation, the importance of having access to a broad cultural education, and why encouragement is essential ...
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Listening to Ladies: Pamela Z (29:30)
From: Elisabeth Blair

Composer Pamela Z lets us know what a phonolog was, how great the Museum of Jurassic Technology is (about which she co-wrote an opera), and how to "forget to notice" that ...