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Jamie Dell'Apa

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  • Show Host Saturday Midnight to Sunday 3am
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Caption: Terry was eventually evacuated onto this highway ramp

Hurricane Katrina - Drowning Inside a Locked Cell (03:16)
From: Jamie Dell'Apa

Terry's cell at Orleans Parish Prison became a drowning cage as the flood waters from Hurricane Katrina rose almost to the ceiling. As his drowned cellmate floats near him ...
Caption: Typical French Quarter Door, Credit: Jamie Dell'Apa

Doors of New Orleans (:33)
From: Jamie Dell'Apa

An audio postcard mimicking the famous posters showing images of a city's famous doors.
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141129 The Fold-Along Show - Origami On The Radio (02:44:07)
From: Jamie Dell'Apa

Interactive media being all the rage but I'm a dozen social media behind so I'm trying to catch up by inventing my own interactive media. (That way I'm thinking I'm ...
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161107 Ideals - Public Radio, This Show, Democracy Versus Trump (06:49:57)
From: Jamie Dell'Apa

A seven hour show with a narrative about meritocracy - public radio, democracy, decency versus the opposition - unearned privilege. This narrative storyline is more ...
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121230 Synthetic Chinese Music (03:12:11)
From: Jamie Dell'Apa

Three hours of music with unusual instrumentation. Not my usual weakness for bongos and ukuleles (get thee behind me!) but tonight it'll be gongs, chimes and the 36 black ...