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Cathy Byrd

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Recent Pieces from Cathy Byrd

Caption: Binelde Hyrcan

Fresh Talk: Binelde Hyrcan (05:25)
From: Cathy Byrd

Angolan artist Binelde Hyrcan talks about the transcendence of the imagination in a video featuring four young boys on a beach in his home country.
Caption: Ana Mendez, Liminal Being, Credit: Courtesy of the artist

Fresh Talk: Ana Mendez (09:58)
From: Cathy Byrd

This episode features Miami-born artist Ana Mendez and Liminal Being, her December 2014 action-based performance.
Caption: Camille Norment, Credit: Office for Contemporary Art Norway/Marta Buso

Fresh Talk: Camille Norment (09:13)
From: Cathy Byrd

This episode features Camille Norment, an American-born artist, and the sonic environment she created for the Nordic Pavilion at the 56th Venice Art Biennale.
Caption: Tania Bruguera reading Hannah Arendt in Havana, Credit: Enrique de la Osa, via PRI

Fresh Talk: Tania Bruguera (09:31)
From: Cathy Byrd

Recorded in Havana, this Fresh Talk episode features controversial Cuban artist Tania Bruguera and her recent launch of a new initiative: the Hannah Arendt Institute for Artivism.
Caption: Cuban artist Alexandre Arrechea, Credit: Ladyrene Perez

Fresh Talk: Cuban Art Awards (07:35)
From: Cathy Byrd

We celebrate the inaugural Cuban Art Awards at the 12th Havana Biennial.
Caption: Okwui Enwezor, Credit: artnet.com

Fresh Talk: New POV at the Venice Art Biennale (09:25)
From: Cathy Byrd

Nigerian-born curator Okwui Enwezor, the art biennial's director, sparked this conversation about an expanding black presence in the global contemporary art scene.
Caption: Agustina Woodgate, Credit: Monica McGivern

Fresh Talk: Agustina Woodgate (10:19)
From: Cathy Byrd

Argentinian artist Agustina Woodgate talks about her bilingual internet radio station Radio Espacio Estacion.
Caption: Cheryl Pope, Up Against, Credit: Auto Body

Fresh Talk: Cheryl Pope (10:10)
From: Cathy Byrd

Chicago-based artist Cheryl Pope talks about Up Against, a performance in which she boxes down 700 water-filled balloons suspended from the ceiling, with only her head.
Caption: Fountainhead Residency, Miami, Credit: Courtesy Fountainhead

Fresh Talk: Fountainhead Residency (10:24)
From: Cathy Byrd

Meet contemporary artists Simón Vega (El Salvador), Candelario (Cuba), and Gil Yefman (Israel) at the home of the Fountainhead Residency in Miami, Florida.
Caption: Tameka Norris, Credit: courtesy Tameka Norris

Fresh Talk: Tameka Norris (12:07)
From: Cathy Byrd

Tameka Norris talks about her first feature-length film—she plays a version of herself in Meka Jean: How She Got Good. The film debuted during Prospect New Orleans in 2014.