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Recent Pieces from Cathy Byrd

Caption: Irene Hofmann, Director, SITE Santa Fe

Fresh Talk: Irene Hofmann (26:16)
From: Cathy Byrd

On Skype, Cathy Byrd speaks with Irene Hofmann, Director and Chief Curator of SITE Santa Fe, about radical changes in the way the contemporary art space connects with artists ...
Caption: Cathy Byrd with Sylvie Fortin, Credit: Amy Sherald

Fresh Talk: Sylvie Fortin (17:57)
From: Cathy Byrd

This episode features FAI's Cathy Byrd in conversation with Montreal Biennial Artistic Director Sylvie Fortin about the 2014 citywide exhibition.
Caption: Kara Walker, A Subtlety, Credit: Amy Sherald

Fresh Talk: Creative Time with Kara Walker (14:53)
From: Cathy Byrd

This episode features A Subtlety, the first ever public art project by American artist Kara Walker.
Caption: Naama Tsabar, Credit: Amy Sherald

Fresh Talk: Naama Tsabar (18:12)
From: Cathy Byrd

Naama Tsabar and Mindy Abovitz talk about the music festival they produced on Randall's Island during Frieze New York.
Piece image

Fresh Talk: Koki Tanaka (15:27)
From: Cathy Byrd

Japanese artist Koki Tanaka meets Cathy Byrd to talk about his project for Frieze New York, introducing the invisible communities and histories of Randall’s Island.
Caption: Cathy Byrd with Franklin Sirmans, 2014, Credit: Amy Sherald

Fresh Talk: Franklin Sirmans 2014 (13:49)
From: Cathy Byrd

Cathy Byrd talks with Franklin Sirmans about Prospect New Orleans, the U.S. Biennial the size of a city.
Piece image

Fresh Talk: Janet Biggs (30:14)
From: Cathy Byrd

This episode of Fresh Talk features Cathy Byrd in conversation with Janet Biggs, a video artist whose work takes her to the ends of the earth.
Caption: Antonia Wright, Suddenly We Jumped, 2013

Fresh Talk: A Futurist Evening at Vizcaya (08:36)
From: Cathy Byrd

Recorded in situ at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami, this Fresh Talk episode features 3 of 8 projects presented at A Futurist Evening during Art Basel Miami Beach 2013.
Caption: Trenton Doyle Hancock, Devotion performance, Credit: Courtesy Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston

Fresh Talk UNCUT: Trenton Doyle Hancock (24:25)
From: Cathy Byrd

In this unedited podcast, Cathy Byrd shares a conversation with artist Trenton Doyle Hancock, that she recorded in his Houston, Texas, studio.
Caption: with Jean-Ulrick Désert, Negerhosen 2000, Credit: Courtesy the artist

Fresh Talk UNCUT: Jean-Ulrick Désert (34:36)
From: Cathy Byrd

Recorded in Berlin, on October 27, 2012, this unedited podcast features Cathy Byrd, Fresh Talk producer, in conversation with Jean-Ulrick Désert.