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Cathy Byrd

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Recent Pieces from Cathy Byrd

Caption: Marinella Senatore, Credit: Mercedes Elizabeth Lowe

Fresh Talk: Marinella Senatore (12:03)
From: Cathy Byrd

Italian artist Marinella Senatore talks about the performances she's producing for the 13th Lyon Biennial exhibition, La Vie Moderne.
Caption: Micol Hebron, Roll Call scroll, Credit: Cathy Byrd

Fresh Talk: Micol Hebron (08:05)
From: Cathy Byrd

Los Angeles-based artist Micol Hebron invites women artists to spotlight gender inequities in the art world.
Piece image

Fresh Talk: Macedonia in Venice (08:12)
From: Cathy Byrd

Turkish curator Basak Senova, and Macedonian artists Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska talk about their project for the Pavilion of the Republic of Macedonia at the 56th ...
Caption: Buskerfest Miami, Credit: Buskerfest Miami

Fresh Talk: Buskerfest Miami with Justin Trieger and Amy San Pedro (09:11)
From: Cathy Byrd

Buskerfest Miami's Justin Trieger and Amy San Pedro talk about working with local musicians to creat a connected, thriving urban core for their city.
Caption: Kader Attia, Culture 2015, Credit: Lyon Biennial

Fresh Talk: 13th Lyon Biennial Preview with Ralph Rugoff (10:32)
From: Cathy Byrd

Ralph Rugoff, London-based curator of the 13th Lyon Biennial, talks about La Vie Moderne, this year's biennial exhibition.
Caption: Erika Hoffmann, Credit: Initiartive Magazine

Fresh Talk: Erika Hoffmann (08:28)
From: Cathy Byrd

In Berlin, contemporary art collector Erika Hoffmann talks about her love for artists who invent new genres.
Caption: Binelde Hyrcan

Fresh Talk: Binelde Hyrcan (05:43)
From: Cathy Byrd

Angolan artist Binelde Hyrcan talks about the transcendence of the imagination in a video featuring four young boys on a beach in his home country.
Caption: Ana Mendez, Liminal Being, Credit: Courtesy of the artist

Fresh Talk: Ana Mendez (09:58)
From: Cathy Byrd

This episode features Miami-born artist Ana Mendez and Liminal Being, her December 2014 action-based performance.
Caption: Camille Norment, Credit: Office for Contemporary Art Norway/Marta Buso

Fresh Talk: Camille Norment (09:13)
From: Cathy Byrd

This episode features Camille Norment, an American-born artist, and the sonic environment she created for the Nordic Pavilion at the 56th Venice Art Biennale.
Caption: Tania Bruguera reading Hannah Arendt in Havana, Credit: Enrique de la Osa, via PRI

Fresh Talk: Tania Bruguera (09:31)
From: Cathy Byrd

Recorded in Havana, this Fresh Talk episode features controversial Cuban artist Tania Bruguera and her recent launch of a new initiative: the Hannah Arendt Institute for Artivism.