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Rachel Sapin

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Caption: Students at Maxwell Elementary learn to make gliders during the city's first SEEK summer mentoring camp.  , Credit: Rachel Sapin

National Society of Black Engineers Hosts First STEM Program in Denver (04:18)
From: Rachel Sapin

Data from the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering shows the U.S. is not producing enough engineers to meet future demand. And they say engineers being ...
Caption: Boulder resident Amber Hess has owned an Earthship in her backyard for 13 years., Credit: Rachel Sapin

Earthships Attempt to Make Their Way to Denver (08:41)
From: Rachel Sapin

Fully self-sustainable homes known as Earthships have existed since the 1970s on the fringes of American cities and in towns where land is plentiful. Their most prominent ...
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A Fiddle Lesson At Jalopy (03:54)
From: Rachel Sapin

The Jalopy Theater has been lauded as a folk mecca in Brooklyn pretty much since it opened its doors in the summer of 2007. In addition to hosting the Brooklyn Folk Festival ...
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You Gotta Know These Guys (05:08)
From: Rachel Sapin

Name a corner on Carroll Gardens in South Brooklyn and Joe Igneri has probably hung out there. The 50-year-old Carroll Gardens native has lived on these blocks his entire ...
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A Borough of Churches (04:20)
From: Rachel Sapin

North Williamsburg is best known by some these days as a party spot. But just a few blocks down from the bars of Bedford Avenue, something is fading from the neighborhood ...