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This American Life
 is a weekly public radio show produced by Chicago Public Media and broadcast on more than 500 stations to about 2.2 million listeners each week. It is also often the most popular podcast in the country, with around one million people downloading each week. This American Life is distributed independently with WBEZ, and is available to stations weekly via the PRX Exchange broadcast distribution technology

Learn more about the radio show or find details about This American Life on PRX below.

For questions about the show or fees, contact Marge Ostroushko or by phone at 612-418-6255.


Host and Executive Producer
Ira Glass

Feed schedule via Exchange
Files delivered every Friday by 2300E


Number of Programs
Ongoing, weekdays

Program Website

Broadcast Rights
Available to all public radio stations on a time-period-exclusive basis. The program must be carried live during the available feed times. The program may be repeated once prior to midnight local time on the same day as the feed, only after having been carried live during the feed time. Individual programs and the series must be carried in their entirety. Excerpting permitted with authorization.

Prior to carrying this series, stations must contact their PRX Station Services Contact.

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