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As you likely know, PRX skews a little towards the unconventional side of public media. We’re an organization with roots in technology and broadcast and a pioneer in the podcast industry. Our origins inform our perspective, how we show up in the world, who we partner with, and why. There’s no old-media gravitas that turns people away from us, and we don't subscribe to any formula. We’re open and willing to bet on new ideas, fresh perspectives, and stories that matter.

PRX’s Approach to Content

It’s in our mission to be “public media for all.” That means getting as many shows to as many people as possible (that’s where you come in!). It also means that the programs we offer should be diverse in tone, topic, and time.

Ironically, a few of our premier programming have unconventional radio starts too. Here are a few fun facts:

glynn-and-al-talent-quest-rock-stars_5026980984_o (1).jpg
  • Latino USA” is one of our newest portfolio additions, but they’ve been reporting stories from the Latino community for nearly 30 years. This show started as an experiment with English-language, Latino-focused public radio programming in 1993.

  • PRX Remix is our 24/7 stream and one-hour weekly show of creative spoken-word programs, amazing podcasts, and fascinating interviews, unlike anything else on public radio.

  • The Moth” began in 1997 as an intimate gathering in a living room in Georgia. Now, they tour nationwide and sometimes even overseas.

  • A recipient of multiple Peabody Awards, an Edward Murrow Award, an Alfred I. duPont–Columbia University Award, and many, many more, “Reveal” is public radio’s first-ever, one-hour weekly program dedicated to investigative reporting. To think, it was sparked from a few specials!

  • Who can forget Glynn Washington star power at the 2007 Public Radio Talent Quest that landed “Snap Judgment” on the airwaves?

What does this mean for you?

What we’re trying to say here, is that there is no one — or right — way to be public radio. And, the result of embracing something new is creating opportunities for listeners to feel connected to your station. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our station clients and their listeners had to say:

"It looks like the decision to carry Remix is a good one. After less than 2 weeks I have received more than usual responses, all positive."

- KCUR in Kansas City, Missouri

“‘The World’ provides a global perspective on the news that is essential for our listeners, especially in challenging times like these. When we added ‘The World’ to follow ATC and Marketplace, we received a number of positive comments from our listeners. Here are a few: ‘Very good show,’ ‘I like [the] expansion of focus,’ and ‘Great addition to the line up!’”

- Connecticut Public Radio

“WVXU added ‘Latino USA’ to its Saturday schedule in the Fall of 2020, placing it after ‘All Things Considered.’ Its commitment to telling the diverse stories found nowhere else in mainstream media as well its thoughtful mix of news, culture and current events makes it an excellent follow up to ATC. The WVXU audience has responded well to its addition with the station experiencing substantial increases in CUME for its hour when compared to months prior to its addition.”

- Cincinnati Public Radio

Thank you for being a partner in our mission to broaden the scope of public media. By choosing PRX and our programs, you’re choosing the real, the creative, the curious, the original, and the quirky! Your continued support helps each of these shows do what they do best: tell stories that matter.

If you want to discuss our broadcast offering, please reach out to your Station Services Representative. We are more than happy to help!

PRX Station Services Team