FY22 Pricing Announcement

by Admin PRX


Dear Stations:

Last year, all of our lives were changed in so many fundamental ways. Businesses and schools shuttered. Economic turmoil was widespread. And all of us were forced to live a new reality. And sadly, many of us lost loved ones – even colleagues. For that, we mourn with you.

A year later, we are seeing glimmers of hope. Millions of Americans have been vaccinated, businesses and schools are reopening, and there’s a taste of optimism in the air. For some of us, our lives are beginning to feel somewhat normal again, albeit slowly.

Much like your station, PRX is navigating the complexity of the pandemic and the racial reckoning that began within miles of our Minneapolis office. One lesson we learned last year is this... society is only as resilient as its many parts. The same is true for public media.

That said, our strategy for FY22 (July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022) is nuanced in a way that allows us to acknowledge the moment as well as the needs of the system, writ large. Our industry is redoubling efforts to build audience and revenue after a major, unprecedented disruption. We want to honor that.

So, for FY22, we will not increase the base rates for our shows. They will remain flat from FY21. Even so, your station will see fee increases if you have ramp agreements in place or benefited from temporary, mutually agreed upon discounts that expire on June 30, 2021.

Naturally, PRX remains committed to the success of your station. Never hesitate to contact us with questions about pricing or programming. We’re here to partner with you. Many of you will hear from us soon with a rate card.

Stay safe, and let’s continue our work to inform, entertain, and enlighten.

Your industry advocate,

Sean Nesbitt
Director, Station Services