It’s C24’s anniversary, but the gifts are for you

by Admin PRX


Music: a constant during disruption

In the spring of 2020, there were considerable changes in radio listening and overall industry decline. We were all there, so there’s no need to rehash what happened and why. Instead, let’s focus on a silver lining that provided millions of people comfort from their homes — music.

From March to June of 2020, PRX’s broadcast programs as a whole withstood an average 12% decrease in AQH (average quarter-hour persons) and an average 15% decrease in Cume when compared to fall 2019. However, music shows in the PRX network saw an average 9% increase in AQH and an average 10% decrease in cume compared to fall 2019. Not only were music programs lighter than all other programs, but people were also listening to music programming for longer than they did before the pandemic. 

“Classical 24” is of particular note. It had only a 4% decrease in listeners compared to last year. Moreover, it saw an overall increase in AQH. From this, we can infer that listeners spent more time listening to C24 this spring than they did in 2019, likely turning to Classical as entertainment and distraction during a challenging time.

“Classical 24” Celebrates 25 Years

For 25 years, “Classical 24,” has been sharing the power of classical music with your listeners, from coast to coast, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each host provides companionship and context that complements the music with well-researched insight and stories that are carefully crafted to be accessible and appealing for novices and enthusiasts alike. 

C24 is the only 24/7 live-hosted national classical music service, which enables it to be timely and relevant connecting the music to current events that are important to your listeners. "Classical 24" also offers value-added programming presented by the hosts such as, ‘New Classical Tracks,’ ‘Saturday Cinema,’ ‘Classical Kids Corner,’ and Extra Eclectic.’

You and C24

“Classical 24” is produced in Minnesota, yet it’s designed to make every broadcast feel local no matter where it’s heard. It’s a great way to provide classical music programming to your listeners in a way that feels organic to your station and consistent for your listeners. Each year, PRX grants stations 15 hours of free additional service. To coincide with C24’s 25th broadcast anniversary, we've increased that number to 25 free hours.  

If you’re interested in enriching your programming with “Classical 24,” please contact your station representative.