Make the most of your PRX Membership

by Admin PRX

Dear colleague,

As a valued partner to PRX, we want to be sure you are getting all that you can through our service. So, we’re dedicating this year’s first monthly newsletter to a refresher of everything your PRX Membership package comes with. 

Let’s start with our most important asset: the programming.

+ Access to a portfolio of award-winning broadcast shows

PRX distributes some of the most popular and critically acclaimed radio shows in the world. Take your pick from daily news shows like “The Takeaway” and “The World,” investigative journalism like “Reveal,” music programming like “Classical 24” and “Afropop Worldwide,” or talk and storytelling shows like “This American Life,” “Snap Judgment,” “The Moth,” “Latino USA,” “Live Wire,” plus so much more. 

No matter your audience, location, or station brand, PRX’s portfolio offers engaging and meaningful content to fit your programming needs.

+ A dedicated Station Services Representative

Our representatives are committed to serving your station and unique region. They can help you find the right programming, answer questions about audience trends and fundraising initiatives, and share perspectives from other stations in the industry.

And then, of course, there’s the free stuff:

+ Free content!

Every member station gets a free points package of 7,800 points (that’s 26 hours of air time) per fiscal year, in addition to the hundreds of pieces that you can license for zero points, including this 25th anniversary rebroadcast of Black Radio: Telling It Like It Was and PRX Remix

Speaking of PRX Remix…

Make it work for you:

  • One hour per week, several hours per day, an overnight service — you name it. We deliver the number of hours that you need. 

  • A 24/7 primary terrestrial broadcast service. Stations are buying up new, full power frequencies and PRX Remix is a fantastic option to redefine a local public radio brand.

  • As an HD service. Several stations see PRX Remix as a way to bring a truly distinctive public radio service to HD rather than repeating familiar public radio shows or programming second-tier network content.

  • A free stream. Just add the PRX Remix player to a station website, and away you go.

+ Free content distribution on the Exchange

Does your station have a podcast or radio program of its own? Use your membership to distribute that content to other public radio stations via the Exchange’s marketplace free of charge! 

+ Free access to PRX Networks

PRX Networks is a multimedia file sharing platform that allows newsrooms to quickly share audio, text, and video with each other. A network can be formed around a region (like all newsrooms in the Pacific Northwest) or a project (all newsrooms focusing on gun violence in the US). Consider using PRX Networks for your next multi-station initiative.



Thank you for choosing PRX as your programming provider! If you want to discuss anything you read here, please reach out to your Station Services Representative. We look forward to our continued relationship in the new year!