The PRX Ambassador Council is a community of individual and family foundations who support our work with gifts of $1,000+ for either organizational needs or specific programmatic priorities, such as The World, Radiotopia, Reveal, TRAX, and our podcast garages. Ambassador Council members help PRX discover new opportunities and engage with potential supporters.

PRX celebrates members of its Ambassador Council through recognition on our website, podcasts and broadcast programs, with the majority of on-air and podcast credits tied to The World. Ambassador Council members also receive regular communications about programs and initiatives, and invitations to private events featuring talents from across our portfolio.

The Ambassador Council is named for our long-standing commitment to international perspectives, alternative voices and varied points of view.

Learn more about making gifts by mail, gifts of stock, and incorporating PRX in your planned giving here. For more information or questions about the Ambassador Council, please contact Lisa Baumert, Director of Individual Giving, at or (402) 660-8045.

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$100,000 +

  • 48 credits on
    The World

  • Invitation to all Ambassador Council events

  • Recognition on

$50,000 - 99,999

  • 24 credits on
    The World

  • Invitation to all Ambassador Council events

  • Recognition on

$25,000 - 49,999

  • 12 credits on
    The World

  • Invitation to all Ambassador Council events

  • Recognition on

$10,000 - 24,999

  • 4 credits on
    The World

  • Invitation to all Ambassador Council events

  • Recognition on


$5,000 - 9,999

  • 1 credit on
    The World

  • Invitation to all Ambassador Council events

  • Recognition on

$2,500 - 4,999

  • 1 credit on The World podcast

  • Invitation to select Ambassador Council events

  • Recognition on

$1,000 - 2,499

  • Invitation to select Ambassador Council events

  • Recognition on


Additional benefits, based upon donor interest and levels of support, can include sponsorship of select events, underwriting of major initiatives and programs, tours of The World newsroom in Boston, and tours of the PRX Podcast Garages in Boston and Washington, D.C.



In addition to our annual two-day Ambassador Council gathering, which is held in a different city each year, we host smaller events around the country for friends of the organization.

In the past year, we’ve come together in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, San Francisco and Seattle for events featuring talent from across the diverse PRX portfolio.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have hosted a slate of virtual events for our donors and partners, including the “What We’re Listening To” listening series.

If you’re interested in hosting an event — in person, or virtual — or sharing our work with your network, we would love to bring PRX and our programs to you. Please get in touch with Lisa Baumert at or (402) 660-8045 for more information.

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  • Nan and Bill Harris

  • David Jones and Maryanne Tagney

  • Jeremy Grantham

$50,000 - 99,999

  • Cecilia and Garrett Boone

  • Ed and Liliane Schneider

  • Linda and Jon Gruber

  • Suzanne LaFetra

$25,000 - 49,999

  • Betsy Atwater

  • Bob Arthur and Susan Anderson

  • Firerose Foundation

  • Judy Pigott

  • Katherine Harris and Tom Keyser

  • Stewart Butterfield

$10,000 - 24,999

  • Alice Shaver Charitable Trust

  • Alison Ranney and Erik Birkerts

  • Bob and Sharon Ryan

  • Cynthia Engles

  • Dan and Lizzie Routman

  • Daniel Shih and Ted MacGovern

  • Deedie Rose

  • Dodee and Billy Crockett

  • Elliot and Kay Cattarulla

  • Erik Guttman

  • Howard and Cindy Rachofsky

  • JaMel and Tom Perkins

  • John and Caroline Ballantine

  • John and Sally Van Doren

  • Judy Dayton

  • Katherine Lyle

  • Kathy Chan

  • Kimberly Kruger

  • Kyle Reis

  • Lynn and Bruce Dayton

  • Mary Cornille

  • Melanie and Tim Byrne

  • Michael Armstrong and Lori Hall Armstrong

  • Peter and Katharine Darrow

  • Rima Hyder

  • Roger Hale and Nor Hall

  • The Miami Foundation

$5,000 - 9,999

  • Ashton Peery and Kate Wolf

  • Betsy Gardella and Jim Smith

  • Betty Regard

  • Henry and Jeannie Becton

  • Jake Moritz

  • Judy and Bob Rubin

  • Kathryn Finney and Tobias Wright

  • Ken and Lucy Lehman

  • Kerri and Nelson Hoffman

  • Lex Nakashima

  • Linda Larson and Gerry Johnson

  • Lisa and Peter Kraus

  • Mailman Foundation

  • Margaret Wurtele

  • Richard Gingras

  • Scott Chacon and Jessica Bylo

  • Sergei and Linda Szortyka

  • Stephen Solomon

  • Walter and Laura Elcock

$2,500 - 4,999

  • Amy Rao

  • Barbara Duberstein

  • Bia Lowe

  • Chris Gillis

  • Curtis Scribner

  • David and Susan Coulter

  • Dete and Paul Meserve

  • E Drew Britcher

  • Jenji Kohan

  • John and Kathy Palter

  • Lawrence Wilkinson

  • M K Reichert Sternlicht Foundation

  • Mary Wais

  • Mike and Alisa Wilson

  • Mike and Suzi Cope

  • Steve Bercu

  • The Thendara Foundation

  • Tom and Margot Pritzker

$1,000 - 2,499

  • Adelina Garcia

  • Amanda Weitman

  • Amit Patel

  • Andrew Bright

  • Ann Carlson and Larry Godel

  • April Lehman

  • Barry and Mimi Sternlicht Foundation

  • Ben Jaffe

  • Benjamen Walker

  • Betsy Pattullo

  • Bev and Don Freeman

  • Bruce and Adrianne Wonnacott

  • Cara East

  • Caroline DeMarco

  • Carolyn Talcott

  • Chris Hindy

  • Chris Marra

  • Colin Hamilton and Helena MacKenzie

  • Corey Richardson

  • Cy and Paula DeCosse

  • Da Capo Fund

  • Dagmar Dickey

  • Dan and Cindy Lothian

  • Dan Kletter

  • Dave and Nicole Berger

  • David Melski

  • David Zapolsky and Lynn Hubbard

  • Deborah Falb

  • Diane Be'ery

  • Ellen Humphrey

  • Eliot Family Fund

  • Elizabeth Yoakum

  • Family Gavora

  • FJC A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds

  • Fraser and Deirdre Black

  • Glenn Gauthier

  • Glenn Rogers and Dominique Harre-Rogers

  • Hirsch Family Funderpants

  • Howard and Fredi Stevenson

  • Ivy Beth Lewis

  • Jacoby Baker

  • Jake Shapiro and Elizabeth Hansen

  • James Taylor

  • Jane Johnson

  • Jane Wells

  • Janie and Cappy McGarr

  • Jay and Jacque Forrest

  • Jeep Meyung and L. Derry Miller-Meyung

  • Jennifer Abele

  • Jennifer Hartman

  • Jennifer Leete

  • JoAnn Garbin

  • John and Jill Gilbert

  • John Barth and Melody Walker

  • Jon Abbott and Shari Malyn

  • Judith Davidson

  • Judy Woodruff and Al Hunt

  • Julia and Bill Ingram

  • Julie Mehretu

  • Jurgen Leijdekkar

  • Karen Hellmuth

  • Katherine and Eric Reeves

  • Kathryn Khom and Charles Ayers

  • Kathryn McMaster

  • Kathryn Stivers

  • Kevin O'Shea

  • Kristina Skrehot

  • Larry Moorman

  • Larry Reed

  • Laura and Jay Kramer

  • Lawrence Willson

  • Leigh Ann Hahn

  • Lori Dostal

  • Maggie Walker

  • Marion Flores

  • Mark Mullen-Muhr

  • Mary-Claire van Leunen

  • M.E. Eccles

  • Merle Kurzrock and George Zimmerman

  • Michael Choy

  • Michael Horowitz

  • Michael Wickes

  • Mick and Kim Roemer

  • Mike Giesler

  • Milton Owens

  • Nancy and John Solana

  • Nancy Perot and Rod Jones

  • Nancy Tuma


  • Peggy Dear

  • Rachael Nosin

  • Rebecca Liebman

  • Richard Palmer

  • Robert Lemelson and Susan Morse

  • Robinson and Monica Howell

  • Roman Mars

  • Ron Cunniff

  • Ryan Amick

  • Ryan Peake

  • Sally Polk

  • Sammie Cortese

  • Sandi Lurie

  • Sarah Burleigh

  • Serena Altschul

  • Shantonu Sen

  • Sharon and Michael Fortin

  • Sherry Sullivan

  • Stephen Brown

  • Stephen Salyer and Susan Moeller

  • Steve and Sara Bass

  • The Kelson Foundation

  • Therese Pasquesi

  • Tim and Susan Armstrong

  • Tony Felzen

  • Victoria Reynolds

  • Wendy Cook

  • William Sternlicht

  • Zakkai Melamed



If you’re ready to join the PRX Ambassador Council and would like to make your gift online, you can do so here.

For more information about giving to PRX, including making gifts by mail, gifts of stock and incorporating PRX into your planned giving, see here. For any other questions related to giving to PRX, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact Lisa Baumert at



For more information about The Ambassador Council, please contact Lisa Baumert, Director of Individual Giving, at or (402) 660-8045.


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