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Parth Sarin

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Recent Pieces from Parth Sarin

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#5: Moment of Maturity (35:48)
From: Parth Sarin

People talk about ‘adults’ and ‘children’ or ‘mature people’ and ‘immature people’ all of the time. The progression from childhood to adulthood is a pivotal part of ...
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#4: Road Trips (39:01)
From: Parth Sarin

The road trip holds a unique place in the American psyche. Rolling along on the wide, open road is seen as super romantic. Why? Today, we investigate, and we hear from ...
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#3: Plenty of Fish in the Schoolyard (21:51)
From: Parth Sarin

Dating is never like it seems in the movies. Today, let’s say no to that false, fake, movie dating culture and hear from real people about real dates.