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Jeff Emtman

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Caption: Half a placenta being prepared for steaming, the first step in preparation, Credit: Jeff Emtman

Eating Placenta (09:36)
From: Jeff Emtman

A first-hand account of preparing human placenta for a new mother's consumption. Discussion with a medical anthropologist studying human placentophagy.
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Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day (07:00)
From: Jeff Emtman

Attendees of Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day discuss God, chicken sandwiches, gay marriage, and the power of bad words.
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Women Boxing on the Eve of London's Olympics (07:06)
From: Jeff Emtman

Boulder, Colorado boxer Sarah Burrous trains hard to keep her mind and body in shape for fighting. Her success is built on the accomplishments of other women who have ...