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Noel Clark

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Caption: The outdoor observation deck on the Foshay Tower in Minneapolis, MN., Credit: Noel Clark

Scraping the Sky: Art Deco Architecture in the Twin Cities (28:06)
From: KFAI

The skyline of the Twin Cities in the 1920’s and 30’s was an ever-changing sight. Buildings like the Foshay Tower, the Ramsey County Courthouse and the Rand Tower reached out ...
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A Tale of Two Night Markets (05:23)
From: KFAI

Open air night markets attract big crowds in Taipei, Bangkok and other Asian cities. Merchants sell bootleg DVDs, crafts, steamed buns and fresh seafood. How would this type ...
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Pedro Park: From Gravel-Filled Lot to Urban Flower Field (04:56)
From: KFAI

Creating a new urban park is tougher than you might think. One St. Paul artist discovered this while trying to turn a gravel-filled lot into an urban flower field. KFAI’s ...
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Pass the lefse, please (05:04)
From: KFAI

Ask someone from out of state to describe Minnesota and you’ll probably hear a lot of “Minnesota Nice,” "uff dah’s" and "you betcha’s." Scandinavian roots run deep here, as ...
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The Challenge of Crafting Ice Wine in Minnesota (05:05)
From: Radio K

The German “eiswein” tradition was created almost by accident. This sweet, powerful wine was discovered when winemakers tried to save grapes that froze on the vines. Because ...