National Endowment for the Arts

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  • Location: Washington, District of Columbia

The National Endowment for the Arts is a public agency dedicated to supporting excellence in the arts, both new and established; bringing the arts to all Americans; and providing leadership in arts education. Established by Congress in 1965 as an independent agency of the federal government, the Arts Endowment is the largest national funder of the arts, bringing great art to all 50 states, including rural areas, inner cities, and military bases.


Caption: Kevin Doyle dancing at the 2013 National Heritage Fellowship Concert
2014 NEA National Heritage Fellow Kevin Doyle talks about his passion for Irish Step Dancing.

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Caption: Kati Texas, Credit: Terrance McNally
Kati Texas takes us behind the scenes of the Kinetic Sculpture Race, Grand Championship where art and science go to play.

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Caption: DC Youth Slam Team
The DC Youth Slam Team is an award-winning internationally acclaimed poetry group. Listen to their poems and find out how it all comes together wit...

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Caption: Elizabeth McCracken, Credit: Edward Carey
Elizabeth McCracken gives us her take on the differences in writing novels, short stories, and tweets.

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Caption: ETHEL, Credit: James Ewing
Believing that music is a unifying force, the string quartet ETHEL has joined forces with musicians across genres and regions. The result is musica...

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Caption: Francisco Nunez conducting the YPC, Credit: Stephanie Berger
Francisco Nunez began the Youth Chorus of New York to together youth of all backgrounds. Together they create beautiful music and an inclusive comm...

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Caption: Ellsworth Kelly, Credit: Jack Shear
The great American artist talks about his lifelong fascination with color and form.

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Caption: Bora Yoon, Credit: Leslie Van Stelte.
Bora Yoon talks about building the sonic design of her album Sunken Cathedral.

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Caption: Julie Otsuka, Credit: Robert Bessoir
Julie Otsuka’s first novel When the Emperor Was Divine explores her family’s history in the Japanese-American internment camps during World War II.

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Two conversations with NEA Jazz Masters. First up, drummer Roy Haynes. He's followed by musician, composer, and bandleader Gerald Wilson.

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Caption: Seamus Connolly, Credit: Lee Pellegrini, Boston College
It's a tuneful podcast as we go to the heart of Irish music with 2013 National Heritage Fellow Seamus Connolly.

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Caption: Jane Chu, Credit: Courtesy of the Kauffman Center for the Arts
Jane Chu shares her ideas for the agency and the place of art in her own life.

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Caption: Art Force: Cross Currents Civic Exhibition, Credit: Courtesy of Art Force
Art-Force: Artists revitalizing rural manufacturing.

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Caption: Boukman Eksperyans, Credit: Courtesy of LEAF
For Jennifer Pickering, all art is both local and global and LEAF is that philosophy in action.

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Remembering War through Art

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Caption: Dinaw Mengestu, Credit: Michael Lionstar
The author discusses the latest Big Read pick, The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears, his novel about an Ethiopian exile in a gentrifying Washingt...

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Behind the scenes of “Sending Messages,” the award-winning monthly podcast produced by incarcerated youth.

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Caption: David Mura, Credit: Courtesy of American Program Bureau, Inc.
Poet, Writer and Spoken-Word Performer David Mura uses his considerable talents as a poet, novelist, memoirist and performer to explore what it me...

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Caption: Shailja Patel, Credit: D. Ross Cameron
With a trunk full of her mother’s saris, Kenyan author and performer Shaija Patel reclaims a lost history.

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