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Comment on piece: Oppression is Forever: DeBeers Diamonds Spoof

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Diamonds aren't a girl's best friend...

As a TV viewer, this ad campaign never fails to REALLY piss me off; it is manipulative, shallow, makes guys think that some crappy, exhorbitantly priced bauble is the key to a happy marriage, and many other things that prx politesse prevents me from typing. So i am glad that someone has taken it on, the music immediately brings the ad to mind, but I cant help feeling that the writing could have been pithier, to really skewer the brand like it deserves.

Comment on piece: Diet Coke

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Review of Diet Coke

As a fellow immigrant, most everything in this commentary rings true, except the desire for diet coke, which thank god I still don't appreciate, with or without ice. The incremental changes in one's outlook, which go un-noticed most of the time, come into sharp focus during visits "home", and this piece describes this phenomena perfectly. Well-written and pithy, this essay is perfect for ATC or ME, or on a show focusing on immigration.

Comment on piece: Family Vacation

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Precocious pubradio child

Teenage angst confined to the family auto, from the perspective of an articulate youngster. Pubradio demographics love to hear their talented offspring on the air, as long as they don't say anything upsetting.

Comment on piece: Personals

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SWF seeks good radio

Is it legal to tape these voicemail personals?

This reminds me of giggling over the alt-weekly personals with my girlfriends. The narrator is sorta mean, she's saying the things we're thinking tho, so it's funny. Love the Episcopalian...

Comment on piece: Elections for Dummies

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Dummies Don't Vote

A short refresher course for those of us who slept through American Government and Political Science 101.

The hyperactive hollering of "Hail to the Chief" in the background gives this mindless "explainer" an irreverent twist. It made me prick up my ears!

Comment on piece: Media Swarm

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Run! The media are swarming...!

I can testify that you guys captured it really well, because, I happened to attend that debate. Now I'm having flashbacks from that chilly January! (Serious props for noting that St. Anselm College is in Goffstown, not Manchester.)

It's so hard to get young people engaged in politics and public affairs these days. This lively mix might entice them to listen... Maybe they'll figure, If the big shot TV stars are excited about a presidential debate, maybe I should be too.

On the other hand, when you use the sound collage technique to portray this event, the young reporters voices fall away. I'm more interested in their impressions than in a list of political wonks up from DC.

A few rough edits towards the end as the rush of sound climaxes...

But I never noticed how most of those political reporters are male until I heard your collage of voices.

On The Media should take note!

Comment on piece: What's Left is Not Who We Are

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Review of What's Left is Not Who We Are

a philosophical/spiritual piece about death. I would start straight off with what the sea captain does (scattering ashes) so we can better appreciate her fist thoughts/words.

A strange length for easy placement (although easily cut). A good piece for Memorial day ! Nov 2 All Souls Day or Saint's day NOV 1 or Hallows' eve. It's thought provoking without stepping on another's beliefs. Nice work. (notes to producer)

Comment on piece: An Interview with John Kerry

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Review of An Interview with John Kerry

I liked this interview with John Kerry. He has the potential to be an amazing president in the next election. He has great ideas and views.

Comment on piece: Orphan Opossums

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Review of Orphan Opossums

Part confessional, part first person essay, about a families brush with local wildlife. A tad gory for the sensitive possum lovers amongst us, but a story with heart nonetheless . Might be easier to air (during ATC or ME as a welcome break from hard news), time wise if it was a tad shorter; an engaging voice, telling a tale that some of us, as human's increasingly encroaching on the natural environment have already experienced, or will do in the future.

Comment on piece: Arcade Girl

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Review of Arcade Girl

This piece could use tightening and the levels are off throughout. However, the reporter has done an interesting series of stories documenting social change in China. Her perspective is fairly fresh -- she doesn't have the voice of a journalist so much as that of a young woman who's worked and studied there. This piece, about the very limited amount of sex education available to young people in a country with an official family planning policy has an astonishing revelation in it -- namely that a fairly relied upon source of information for college students comes from porn movies and porn shops. I think these pieces smoothed out and cut down would be worth running as a series perhaps with a two-way with the reporter.

Comment on piece: RN documentary: At the Circus

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Review of RN documentary: At the Circus

From musical opening, you know there's something special coming. Producer Dheera Sujan interweaves her narration with voices from circus performers as they reveal their day to day experiences amid circus music/ambience along with comments by her own young daughter. Not the high-tech cirque du soleil type circus but the real down-to-earth original circus of family performers who have dedicated their lives (and in some cases limbs) to the circus world. I especially appreciated Sujan's query to how animals are treated and trained. A great piece for families to listen to together. Stations could air this during festive, holiday times or during the summer when people might be going to the circus or to carnivals. Captivating from start to finish....Dmae

Comment on piece: Yo-Yo Ma ENCORE: In his own words

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Review of Yo-Yo Ma ENCORE: In his own words

This piece is way too short! I want more! Lovely mix of music and interview. I suggest pairing this piece with the first Yo Yo Ma offering to make a feature length piece. Stations could use these pieces as drop-ins particularly during fundraisers if you have a nice Yo Yo Ma CD to offer as a premium. Otherwise, magazine shows would benefit from these two offerings...Dmae

Comment on piece: A Stop Along the Way

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Review of A Stop Along the Way

A good piece. cut too short. I wanted to hear more about their story. perhaps a follow up.

Comment on piece: We Were On Duty

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Review of We Were On Duty

Usually I take notes when I’m listening to review. I took very few notes while hearing this powerful oral history because I did not want to move, not even a little bit. The producer wisely chooses to let the voices carry the piece with very little support. Other than intermittent piano music and the narrator’s occasional naming of those speaking, we hear only the voices of a group of Pentagon survivors and some of their family members. The material is simply but effectively organized. The layers of voice carry you along like a river, from the moments prior to the attack, through the attack, through escaping the building, to recovering from injuries and from the experience itself, up to how people look at life some months later. Family members talk about their version of that day, about finding their loved ones in the hospital, about the effects on their shared lives. I don’t want to share any more of the specifics. This beautifully edited piece deserves to be heard with open ears. It is an obvious choice for the anniversary, but in fact always timely. Our soldiers are killing and being killed, our country inflicting damage, and for a change freshly knowing what is to be hit on our own soil. This work provides a strong reminder of what being at war means to those under attack, as well as a reminder of oral history’s effectiveness, and of the power of radio.

Comment on piece: The Story of the Peat Bog Soldiers

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Review of The Story of the Peat Bog Soldiers

came across as a documentary one might hear in a wwII museum. informative but a bit removed in tone.

Comment on piece: Crossing the River Lethe

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Review of Crossing the River Lethe

A moving personal communication from a daughter who through vivid snapshot images manages to bring us close to her current experience as her mother's caretaker. The producer's slow pacing, combined with the use of water sounds and an old recording to bracket the past and present, give us the time and ambience-support to feel, however briefly, what it is like to be in her shoes. Perfect for Mother's Day.

Comment on piece: Sports Players Who Served

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Review of Sports Players Who Served

Very timely, with the link to Arizona Cardinal pro football player who died recently in Afghanistan.

This is a fairly straightforward phone interview, but with some interesting facts for the sports fan. They link baseball, currently in it's first month of the season, and football... just had a draft and of course the Pat Tillman story. I can picture this playing just about anywhere any time this week.

Comment on piece: Intuition

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Review of Intuition

This hour celebrates the intuitive power and creative spirit of children and reminds you that we become less intuitive as we learn more. That said, I have a hunch any station would be serving its audience by running this hour on a weekend morning. Looseleaf is a first rate show. The host is engaging and fun; the guests are always terrific and the production is superb. The vibe of the show is books for kids and for parents of elementary shoolers/middle schoolers its a terrific way to stay on top of great new childrens books and the classics too. For anyone else who enjoys suprising, fun radio, it's an enjoyable hour that takes you places your more rational instiincts may not.

Comment on piece: RN Documentary: Six Ways to Vermeer

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Review of RN Documentary: Six Ways to Vermeer

This is a really fascinating effort: three authorities, no narrator, all talking about a singular painter about whom we know almost nothing. Engaging, smart, enthusiastic commentators. The best bits are the intense descriptions of various paintings -- for example, the description of the pearl in "The Girl with the Pearl Earring." The program covers the gamut of Vermeer's art as well as the mystique surrounding Vermeer. Instead of playing that third repeat of the first hour of WESUN, this, bundled with a set of shorter PRX pieces to fill out the other half hour would be surprisingly engaging radio.

Comment on piece: At Home with Ani DiFranco

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Review of At Home with Ani DiFranco

"At Home with Ani Difranco" is an informative broadcast. Insightful and entertaining. Ms. Difranco speaks on issues of writing/performing music, politics, activism, and regionalism. I especially enjoyed Difranco's musings on life in Buffalo and why she has chosen to buy a house to live in and a church to renovate for her record company in that city. The engaging aspect came from the frequent songs played to carry into the next section of the piece. This broke the monotony and made it all the more interesting.