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Comment on piece: RN Documentary: Intersex

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Review of RN Documantary: Intersex

In the past year the topic of intersex has come up a surprising number of times, and to my surprise I found I knew next to nothing about it. The novel Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides, only added fuel to my curiosity. The humanist slant to this story answered many of my questions with the important reminder that we are talking about people.


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The Marketing Trick

Starts off very uneven and clearly a taping of a discussion panel. However, once you get past that there is interesting information in here on how computers have been used as art over the years.

Parts of the discussion are visual and need to be described for true use use on radio. Questions from the audience are just lost all together. However the discussion of using printers, early machines, and 8 bit design for graphics, music, and ASCII art are priceless. Great content for the piece.

Comment on piece: Finding a Spiritual Home

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Review of Finding a Spiritual Home

The monotone reading of the essay kinda drowns out the real emphasis here. Finding faith in this modern day isn't as easy as going to a bunch of holy places and picking one. It's a much more personal feeling as to the community that feels right and I think that point gets lost in this piece. It is well done but wanders a little.

Comment on piece: Spalding Gray and Sedge Thomson radio conversations: "I'm Beginning to Doubt My Doubt"

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Spalding Gray in Memorium

More a review piece of Spaulding Grey's life than anything else. Segment 1 is a little uneven but gives a good introduction to Grey. Needs to be leveled. Segment 2-6 gets into the real meat of the piece and the discussions with Grey start. Grey's prose and analysis of how hesets up his pieces is interesting but anyone not interested in Grey would bore easily.

Comment on piece: Arcade Girl (version 3)

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Review of Arcade Girl (version 3)

Good attempt at a provocative and relevant subject. Would benefit from more sound clips and a more careful, informed summary at the end- which in its placement implies that condom use/nonuse in Western (vs. Japanese) porn flicks is any more relevant to China than people in general, neglects the primary goals of sex ed and motivations in the US porn industry. Even though it was short, it could have included more sources to convincingly make the point it tries for.

Comment on piece: Chicken Diaries

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Review of Chicken Diaries

The quirky story of bringing up two little chicks. The storyline is amusing and engaging and makes up for the at times flat delivery. The musical interludes are a nice touch and complement the spoken word well. Disappointingly short, I definitely would like to hear more!

Comment on piece: American dream comes full circle

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Review of American dream comes full circle

"The American Dream" as defined by Mr. Roy, consists of either a) Get rich quick schemes, b) Flashy cars, Hollywood and the like or c) MTV, McDonalds and the greater love of consumption. Really? I hope not! But if that really is the case, big corporations have done a pretty good job exporting "The Dream" to India. So much so that we want to continue our chase and follow it where it goes – be it the point where we started from. But let’s not fool ourselves, "The Dream", in its trial run in India will soon be widely available for even greater consumption. Or maybe I’m the only fool here – it’s already in wide circulation. It's already arrived. "The Dream", its gene isolated, is being injected into unsuspecting nations around the world. O yes, the formula is pretty clear - Increase consumption while lowering production costs. So where does it all end? How deep does the rabbit hole go? How do McDonalds, MTV and Honda plan on sustaining six billion western style consumers with the resources of one tiny planet?

Meanwhile, I’m going to promise myself to do something against the rising tide of "The Dream" (TM).

PS: As a card carrying member of that shiny white sneaker-ed club of programmers, I have to say – I found that caricature a tiny bit offensive!


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Audio a bit noisy; difficult subject for radio. Humor and enthusiasm of the presenters help build interest; becomes more substantial and interesting about 15 minutes or so into the program.

Comment on piece: Mystery Train

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Review of Mystery Train

A wonderful bit of narrated eavesdropping. It was frustrating to listen to accounts of teenagers doing stupid things, but in a way that I should be. It is all too easy to want to just ignore these people, their situations, and the reflection of what each of us once was and still is in some ways. This piece holds that up to us, not in an accusatory way, but just to make sure we keep paying attention.

Comment on piece: Health Insurance Dilemma

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Review of Health Insurance Dilemma

A dry piece, mabye as required by its nature, but this piece seems to still put too light the topic at hand. Rambelings to much, insightfull thoughts to little.

Comment on piece: GB, MB, GHZ, Oh My!, Making sense of computer specs

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Review of GB, MB, GHZ, Oh My!, Making sense of computer specs

This engaging commentary conveys the some basic computer literacy topics. While informative, the audience for such a piece would be limited to those without any technical background, but with an interest in learning about personal computers.

The piece is technically accurate and simple enough for anyone to understand.

Comment on piece: Of A Piece

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Review of Of A Piece

A story of a young woman's realtionship with her father -- and the divorce of her parents -- told in in the context of the big puzzles they pieced together at Christmas time. Her narration is candid and lucid... her father is articulate as he responds to her questions about the challenge of putting together some very large puzzles.

I found the most compelling moment to be the discussion of whether or not something is a tradition if only one person carries on with it... or is it just a habit? Her father needles her about spending less time with him around Christmas. His reaction to the giant puzzle with which she gifts him is also a great moment -- "Are you out of your mind?" He asks her to return it but she -- and I -- were uncertain if he meant it.

I enjoyed this meditation on puzzles, pieces, and the tension of growing up and apart from one's parents... and the guilt that comes with holiday times. The puzzle metaphores were over occaisionally overraught, but this didn't detract from my poignance of this situations.

Comment on piece: American dream comes full circle

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Somewhat disappointing

Sandip Roy notes a reversal of the practice of massive H1-B visa hiring of professionals from India in favor of outsourcing to these very countries. In turn comparable opportunities generated "back home" by outsourcing is facilitating a return migration for this relatively new demographic of foreign knowledge workers in the US tech/IT industry.

A hot topic extensively covered by the broadcast and print media in recent months, Sandip Roy's piece is not the most thoughtful or revealing addition to this coverage. In talking about the sub-culture of foreign workers in the US, he comes across as mildly condescending and remote. He does not explore the complex reasons for why some are choosing to return and others to stay (there is single anecdotal reference of one worker being laid off). Nor does he inform us about the broader american public's attitude to this loss of a highly educated immigrant community. We also learn nothing about the potential impact this returning diaspora would have in their native country ... would they demand path-breaking changes in business culture? be relevant to the needs of the local economy? generate a ripple-effect in defining access in the traditional economy?

The piece ends with a glib mention of the returning migrant confronted with the familiar in the shape of omnipresent US fast food chains hinting at a homogenized world. And doesn't drive home the point that a cultural exchange between the US fast food chain and the local preferences produced a hybrid menu that very much reflects local taste/ diversity.

Comment on piece: New Mexico On Reagan

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Review of New Mexico On Reagan

Has a good variety of interviews though I could use 1 or 2 more. There are some holes in the dialoge at the begining (or could be my streaming) the music is nice but long at the end. Not very dynamic but thorough.

Comment on piece: Health Insurance Dilemma

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Review of Health Insurance Dilemma

I found this piece to be an intimate look at the decisions one individual makes when sorting out her priorities in life. The beginning of the piece is good at framing the point-of-view of the rest of the story. The story is personal and real and brings you closer to this often distant and impersonal issue. However, the ending is anti-climatic and leaves me thinking there should have been more told in the story. Almost as if it was truncated to fit into a time limit.

Comment on piece: Remorse: The 14 Stories of Eric Morse

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Review of Remorse: The 14 Stories of Eric Morse

I would very much appreciate to hear this story on the radio. It provides an insight into an area and a story that I would not have access to under normal circumstances.

LeAlan and Lloyd guide listeners through the story in a way that keeps the very heavy topic from crushing them.

Comment on piece: Jefferson & Science

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Review of Jefferson & Science

As a student of science (physics) I believed this piece would appeal to me from the beginning. The tone and content of the recording only affirmed this.

I found it short, but telling. It echos an opinion that many in the science professions must have. I found that it left me wanting more, wanting to hear the speaker go further into the opinions of Jefferson as well as the other founders. In that sense it was a little questionable.

At the same time, though, it seemed to have a very good amount of content for such a short time; there was neither too little nor too much information in the essay.

On the whole an enjoyable piece.

Comment on piece: Luke Hurley

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Review of Luke Hurley

This piece deals with Hurley's early career, a turning point through which he abandoned commercial music and its processs, and returned to his craft on his terms. It is well produced, weaving samples of his music into the interview. I would recommend it.

Comment on piece: Mark Twain's The War Prayer

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Review of Mark Twain's The War Prayer

Voice acting was good.

Comment on piece: Taming the Snake

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Review of Taming the Snake

I found it very informative, a bit too one-sided however. I think it would be a good piece to run on a national level, however it would probably need to be edited down a bit.