The Takeaway, hosted by Tanzina Vega, is a one-hour daily news show that reveals unexpected insights into the day’s news, fills a need for greater context, and interacts with audiences in a way that no other public radio news program offers. The Takeaway convenes conversations across social divides to give listeners not just the information, but the complex, nuanced perspectives they need for understanding and participation. It features voices of Americans from all walks of life who may have different struggles and challenges but often speak to the same desires, dreams and hopes for the future of their families and communities. It does not shy away from big and complicated stories; through exceptional sound design and production, the show breaks down complex policy and connects listeners with stories that touch their lives and their experiences.

The Takeaway is produced in partnership with its national audience and, as a true multiplatform show on air, online and on social media, delivers context and analysis to help better understand the day’s news. It encourages and equips its audience to take part in the American conversation. By putting the listener experience at the heart of its mission, The Takeaway provides an opportunity to broaden and diversify public radio’s audience.

The Takeaway is led by a new generation of public radio creators, producers and reporters who contribute to the editorial direction, develop the content and form the heartbeat of the show. This team works closely with stations to tell stories that are most pressing for communities at the local level.

The Takeaway is a co-production of PRX and WNYC, in collaboration with WGBH Radio Boston. The program follows the standard public radio clock so there is substantial opportunity for local inserts.

PRX and WNYC Studios in collaboration with WGBH Radio, Boston

Executive Producer
Lee Hill

Tanzina Vega

Program Feed Schedule
Content Depot -
 Live with subsequent file transfers at 0900 ET and 1200 ET for use throughout the day.


Number of programs
Ongoing, weekday 

Broadcast rights
"The Takeaway" is available to all public radio stations; non-PRX affiliate stations wishing to broadcast "The Takeaway" will be charged an annual administrative/ marketing fee in addition to quarterly carriage fees. Stations must air the full hour of the program, excerpting is permitted for promotional purposes only. Simulcast streaming rights are available for this series. Prior to carrying this series, stations must contact their PRX Station Services contact. 

Listener inquiries: 1.877.8 my take (869.8253) or mytake@thetakeaway.org 

Program website: www.thetakeaway.org


Production Team



Tanzina Vega
Tanzina Vega is the host of The Takeaway . She joins the show from CNN, where she covered race and inequality. Prior to that, Vega was a reporter on the national desk at The New York Times, where she crafted the race beat for the publication with pieces about topics including the protests in Ferguson, racial tension on college campuses, and profiles of minority comics for a video series called "Off Color." In 2017, Vega was named an Eisner Fellow at The Nation Institute and was a Ferris professor of journalism at Princeton University. Her forthcoming book, "Uppity," about American women of color and the barriers they face both professionally and socially, will be published in 2019.

Vega's reporting has consistently explored the intersection of national news, race and inequality, and the media, earning her accolades from NPR's Code Switch, HuffPost, and Refinery29, among many others. She infuses this perspective into The Takeaway, offering news analysis and leading conversations that bring top news-makers, journalists, and marginalized voices from all sides of the political spectrum to the table.



Lee Hill
Lee Hill is the executive producer of The Takeaway, where he is responsible for the show’s daily content and its relationship with stations and its co-owner PRX. Prior to joining WNYC and The Takeaway, he was a founding editor of Inside Energy, a Colorado-based journalism collaboration between NPR and PBS stations where he oversaw engagement. Prior to that, Lee worked at Colorado Public Radio in Denver as a Public Insight Network (PIN) analyst and reporter, where he reported on the experiences of everyday Coloradans on stories ranging from wildfires to gun policy, to marijuana legalization and racial inequities, and the 2012 presidential race. At CPR, he was also deputy digital editor and helped to oversee the re-design of CPR.org. In 2013, he was named Broadcast Journalist of the Year by the Colorado Association of Black Journalists. And in 2016, he received the National Association of Black Journalists' "Salute to Excellence Award" for Digital Innovation.

Lee is a 2003 graduate of Howard University, where he studied journalism and economics.



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