Connect with PRX at PRPD 2021!

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We're so excited to virtually convene with all of you at PRPD 2021! This year's agenda is full of great conversations and opportunities to strengthen relationships and learn from each other as we continue to reimagine the industry following the disruptions of the pandemic.

It's our honor to help sponsor this year's conference and host a few sessions over those three days. Here's when and how you can connect with PRX at PRPD 2021:

  • Networking with PRX

    Throughout the conference!

    Check the PRX virtual booth schedule to see who is dropping by each day, including the PRX Station Relations Representatives and hosts and producers from our broadcast shows. 

  • Public Radio's Got Talent: Virtual Talent Show

    Tuesday, September 14
    5:00 pm ET / 4:00 pm CT / 3:00 pm MT / 2:00 pm PT

    This show will have up to 12 acts and will include a combination of live and taped performances from station representatives and other conference attendees. Our esteemed panel of judges includes:
    — Luke Burbank, “Live Wire”
    — Abby Goldstein, PRPD
    — Al Letson, “Reveal”
    — Glynn Washington, “Snap Judgment”
    — Marco Werman, “The World”

  • Evolving Partnerships Between Networks and Stations

    Wednesday, September 15
    2:15 pm ET / 1:15 pm CT / 12:15 pm MT / 11:15 am PT

    We’re at an inflection point in public media. The broader media landscape is rapidly shifting. New partnerships form almost daily. Similarly, listeners are discovering content in new ways. This makes the competitive landscape more complex and difficult for stations to navigate. Simultaneously, the role of program directors is evolving to accommodate the changing role of public media in their local communities; stations are evolving multi-platform publishers that provide unique engagement opportunities. So, as stations evolve, networks evolve, too. That makes the context and collaboration that networks provide even more important. This session will be a foundational conversation for how we collaborate and create across the industry in new ways that lead to successful outcomes for all of our institutions.

If you can't make it to any of the sessions, don't fret! Each session will be recorded and posted for you to watch later. You can also request one-on-one time with any of our reps through the Socio platform.

Let's redefine public media!

See you soon,

Sean Nesbitt
Senior Director of Industry Partnerships at PRX

Tanzina Vega to depart "The Takeaway" — Melissa Harris-Perry to serve as interim host

Tanzina Vega to depart "The Takeaway" — Melissa Harris-Perry to serve as interim host

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We’re writing with news regarding the daily national news program “The Takeaway” from WNYC in New York and PRX. 

Beginning this Monday, broadcast journalist Melissa Harris-Perry will become the interim host of The Takeaway” through the end of 2021. Public radio audiences have become connected and familiar with Melissa’s brilliant work as guest host on the show for the past two months. Many also know her as an esteemed scholar, social media maven, columnist, and for the massive following she built over the years as host of MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry. In addition to having earned her Ph.D. in political science, Melissa is also the Maya Angelou Presidential Chair in the Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Wake Forest University. More information about Melissa is available here.

“The Takeaway” will continue to deliver its distinct journalism in the form of daily mind-expanding conversations that prompt people to locate themselves within the narratives that bring us together and sometimes divide us, paying special attention to criminal and social justice, the economy, and racial disparities. 

Over the last three years, Tanzina Vega and the “The Takeaway” team have worked together to produce an essential daily national news program that champions diverse perspectives and now airs on more than 290 stations and reaches many listeners online. Today, we are announcing that Tanzina is leaving her position as host of “The Takeaway.” We wish her the very best on her next chapter.

In Tanzina’s words: “As the first Latina to host “The Takeaway,” I’m very proud of the work I did transforming the show into a national success that explored the societal gaps of wealth, empathy, and truth in our daily lives. During my tenure, we increased our digital audience, plowed through a global pandemic, and introduced fresh perspectives from communities that are often ignored in the media. After three years, I’ve decided to leave the show. My goal has always been to balance the nuance and rigor that is critical to making high-quality journalism. I’m grateful to those who’ve supported me on this journey and to the thousands of listeners and guests who shared their insights and experiences. I also want to thank The Takeaway staff for their work on the show and wish them the best.”

Thank you for your ongoing support of the mission of “The Takeaway” to serve as America’s weekday conversation––please reach out to the station services team at PRX with any questions. 

We wish you a healthy and restful rest of the summer,

- Sean Nesbitt, Senior Director of Industry Partnerships at PRX and Lee Hill, Executive Producer of “The Takeaway”

Programming for anyone, any time, anywhere

Programming for anyone, any time, anywhere

Hey there,

As you likely know, PRX skews a little towards the unconventional side of public media. We’re an organization with roots in technology and broadcast and a pioneer in the podcast industry. Our origins inform our perspective, how we show up in the world, who we partner with, and why. There’s no old-media gravitas that turns people away from us, and we don't subscribe to any formula. We’re open and willing to bet on new ideas, fresh perspectives, and stories that matter.

PRX’s Approach to Content

It’s in our mission to be “public media for all.” That means getting as many shows to as many people as possible (that’s where you come in!). It also means that the programs we offer should be diverse in tone, topic, and time.

Ironically, a few of our premier programming have unconventional radio starts too. Here are a few fun facts:

  • Latino USA” is one of our newest portfolio additions, but they’ve been reporting stories from the Latino community for nearly 30 years. This show started as an experiment with English-language, Latino-focused public radio programming in 1993.

  • PRX Remix is our 24/7 stream and one-hour weekly show of creative spoken-word programs, amazing podcasts, and fascinating interviews, unlike anything else on public radio.

  • The Moth” began in 1997 as an intimate gathering in a living room in Georgia. Now, they tour nationwide and sometimes even overseas.

  • A recipient of multiple Peabody Awards, an Edward Murrow Award, an Alfred I. duPont–Columbia University Award, and many, many more, “Reveal” is public radio’s first-ever, one-hour weekly program dedicated to investigative reporting. To think, it was sparked from a few specials!

  • Who can forget Glynn Washington star power at the 2007 Public Radio Talent Quest that landed “Snap Judgment” on the airwaves?

What does this mean for you?

What we’re trying to say here, is that there is no one — or right — way to be public radio. And, the result of embracing something new is creating opportunities for listeners to feel connected to your station. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our station clients and their listeners had to say:

"It looks like the decision to carry Remix is a good one. After less than 2 weeks I have received more than usual responses, all positive."

- KCUR in Kansas City, Missouri

“‘The World’ provides a global perspective on the news that is essential for our listeners, especially in challenging times like these. When we added ‘The World’ to follow ATC and Marketplace, we received a number of positive comments from our listeners. Here are a few: ‘Very good show,’ ‘I like [the] expansion of focus,’ and ‘Great addition to the line up!’”

- Connecticut Public Radio

“WVXU added ‘Latino USA’ to its Saturday schedule in the Fall of 2020, placing it after ‘All Things Considered.’ Its commitment to telling the diverse stories found nowhere else in mainstream media as well its thoughtful mix of news, culture and current events makes it an excellent follow up to ATC. The WVXU audience has responded well to its addition with the station experiencing substantial increases in CUME for its hour when compared to months prior to its addition.”

- Cincinnati Public Radio

Thank you for being a partner in our mission to broaden the scope of public media. By choosing PRX and our programs, you’re choosing the real, the creative, the curious, the original, and the quirky! Your continued support helps each of these shows do what they do best: tell stories that matter.

If you want to discuss our broadcast offering, please reach out to your Station Services Representative. We are more than happy to help!

PRX Station Services Team

Remembering our colleague, Cathy Twiss

Remembering our colleague, Cathy Twiss


Since we shared the news of her passing, many of you have written wonderful things about our dear friend Cathy Twiss. She was indeed lovely to work with and made people feel welcome in her world. Cathy was tenacious and dedicated to creating a lasting impact in all that she did. She served as a trusted colleague, friend, and mentor to so many of us across the organization. She was determined to help all of us better understand and appreciate the nuances of the public radio system. She also loved her team like a family. 

Below, we – the members of her team – share what we’ve learned from Cathy as we continue to do the work that was so close to her heart.

Be aggressively realistic

Cathy was one of the smartest and kindest persons I’ve ever known and had the pleasure to work with for many years. What I’ll remember about Cathy are the facial expressions, the quick knowing glances, and most of all, the laughter — the bust-a-gut, bent over sideways, loud, joyous laughter. 

When it came to work, she could see things three or four steps ahead of everybody else. The insight, incredible judgment, and thoughtfulness were always just amazing.  Cathy could distill anything, any conversation or discussion, down to the bare essentials and bring meaning to it. She held it together for so many at PRI/PRX, juggling station and producer relations, operations, contracts, pricing discussions, budget planning, etc. All in the name of serving the listener and supporting human dialogue and connection. She was a rock and an inspiration.  

One more thing I will always remember about Cathy was that she had a way of encouraging all of us to be “aggressively realistic,” especially when it came to setting department and personal goals. She would use this phrase not only because she knew that is what the organization needed, but also because it was one way to get the best out of you, and the best “for you as a human being.” She would encourage you to go for it, but within reason. From there, you could dig in and move forward with the important work that we do or with some new exciting, strategic plan.  

During the last year, I know Cathy was always aggressively realistic, fighting her fight and the battle day-to-day. She continued to graciously share her knowledge and wisdom with all of us through Zoom calls, witty Slack messages, and the occasional phone call. That was her gift to us. She will indeed be greatly missed by the entire public media family. 

While some days it’s tempting to just reach for the low-hanging fruit, Cathy was always reaching for the sky. And I know that’s what she would really want us to do. 

— Mike Pfeifer, Associate Director, Station Services


Stay in the moment

Our friendship taught me the importance of being present in every moment. We both valued family and especially being mothers. We'd share stories about our childhood and the beauty of watching it come full circle in raising our girls. We also were pretty clumsy and would spill something on our clothes by the end of the day. We'd send each other photos throughout the day, laughing hysterically at ourselves. That was so like Cathy: to find the humor and a reason to smile in the smallest of things. Looking back, I now realize it kept us in the moment. I value motherhood even more because of my friendship with Cathy. 

I think of her every day. To her family and friends, thank you for sharing her with us. She was truly a gift. 

— Sierra Reed, Senior Manager, Station Services 


Prioritize human relationships

A couple months ago, a group of colleagues were talking about equity and culture in the workplace. I remember Cathy saying that one of the common pitfalls of work culture is the valuing of work product over relationships.

Then, one month ago at an all-staff meeting, I shared an audio slideshow with photos from a vacation my partner and I took to Maui. After the presentation, colleagues said nice things about the presentation or about wanting to go to Hawaii. Cathy said something different: She enjoyed the presentation, she said, because it showed how much I loved my family and my partner.

I believe this was the last time she and I spoke directly, and it was such a touching thing to hear from her.

Cathy prioritized human relationships, and it showed in how she related to us and the impact she had on us. I am incredibly grateful for our time together.

— Jagmeet Singh Mac, Senior Manager, Station Services


Elevate each other

It’s hard to articulate what Cathy meant to me. Her presence was a gift. Her leadership was remarkable. Her love of people was exemplary. You see, Cathy saw the humanity in everyone; she knew how to draw out your best qualities and how to make you laugh!

Cathy was more than a colleague. She was a wellspring of wisdom, humor, empathy, curiosity, and strength — even when faced with unimaginable feats. Those qualities are what made Cathy an extraordinary person. Not only was she a brilliant colleague, but she was also a friend, a mentor, a person who toiled lovingly to elevate me. 

Rarely do you find that in the workplace. It's also rare that I remember many of our conversations. Often they were filled with rousing intellect, roaring laughter, and elegant realness. And despite our various (and very visible) differences, Cathy always treated me as an equal. 

Our time together was well spent. The memories we created are incredibly powerful. They’re enduring. They’re indelible. For in them, she will live on. 

— Sean Nesbitt, Director, Station Services

No words can adequately express our sadness at Cathy’s death or our gratitude for the opportunity to work with her. Our thoughts go out to Cathy’s family, which we know she held above all else and meant the world to her.

PRX is gathering memories to share with Cathy's family. We would love for you to share your memories and thoughts by sending an email to

PRX Station Services Team

Prepare for spring fundraising

Prepare for spring fundraising

As you approach spring fundraising this year, reinforce the relationship you have with your listeners with stories they want to hear and the hosts they know and trust.

Read More

No Rate Card Increases in FY21

Dear station colleague, 

First and foremost, we wish for your safety and well-being, as well as that of your colleagues, family, and friends, in this unprecedented time. 

We recognize the operational challenges your station is facing right now. As always, but particularly in this moment, our primary objective is to support you and your station to ensure the system remains healthy.

To that end, we’ve developed our FY21 pricing package with you in mind:

  1. No rate increases: FY20 rate cards remain in effect for FY21. 

  2. Six months free in FY21: Waived fees on all program adds between now and July 1, 2020. 

  3. Expanded C24: Stations have access to 24/7 classical content at no additional charge.

Don’t forget that as a PRX member you also have free access to the following benefits:  

  • PRX Remix - Offer listeners a break from the news with our 24/7 free streaming service featuring curated stories from talented independent producers.

  • Content Package - Choose programming that best meets your needs with a free 26-hour, 7,800 points package added to your station account. 

  • PRX Networks - Collaborate on important editorial projects with colleagues within and outside of your newsroom. 

  • PRX Publish - Host, publish and distribute podcasts for free with our cutting-edge technology. 

  • National Program Distribution - Distribute local programming to stations across the US with the PRX Exchange platform. 

In the coming weeks, your PRX Station Services manager will contact you with your specific rates. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime with questions. We’re here to help in any way we can. Stay safe and healthy.

Your network advocate,

Sean Nesbitt
Director, Station Services

The World according to John Barth


The World is Changing

Since the merger I’ve been living and breathing The World.

That makes sense. It’s an important show. The World is the only global program created exclusively for U.S. audiences. It’s important to us. It’s important to your listeners.

You haven’t been shy: The World needs a serious upgrade. Well, we agree and the work is underway. Here’s what we’re tackling:

  • Develop a contemporary sound: tone, pacing, voice and style

  • Own the biggest beat: be on the ground more, around the world

  • Serve stations better: new tools, formats and opportunities

The past 100 days have been intense and we’ve already made a lot of progress toward a fresh, new sound. This is just the beginning, so buckle up!

I want to talk with you soon - about your ideas, how to make the show more valuable and responsive, and to hear what you think about where we are headed.

Internal Updates

There’s new leadership at the helm, and with that comes a brand-new perspective. Andrea Crossan is acting EP. Andie has incredible field reporting experience from Nicaragua to India to Afghanistan.

PRX is investing in digital. Alex Newman has been named Executive Editor. Alex came to The World from Al Jazeera and can do everything from coding to driving editorial agendas. We’ve already added global contributors from Mexico, Africa and Turkey.

We’ve reorganized staff, positions, and focus: we’re working on more ambitious reporting and new ways of telling important stories. We want to be in places where developments lead to the next headline.


The World is committed to ensuring your listeners are riveted by something every day. We will help them become truly informed about the world outside of our borders through engaging and fascinating stories.

We’re focused on telling stories that matter to your listeners; reports from the front lines of climate change, the struggle for human freedoms and stories of complexity, removed from pat answers and common wisdom.

In the past 100 days we’ve nearly tripled the number of on-the-ground reports originating from The World newsroom to balance the excellent interviews by host Marco Werman.

Here are a few we’re especially proud of:

Strategic Collaborations

The World has a unique partnership with the BBC. That partnership continues to play an important role in our success. But we need to expand our relationships further. Our future involves collaborating with well positioned partners to bring truly essential content to your listeners.

  • Groundbreaking investigations from Reveal are now regularly appearing on The World and we’ve placed a producer from The World in the Reveal newsroom to look for greater programming opportunities.

  • Monica Campbell just completed a special episode of PBS Frontline’s Dispatch podcast that was part of The World; Frontline is a key collaborator in where we are going.

We’ve got other big partnerships coming, but can’t say anything yet. Hold tight!

Plus, we’ve upgraded how we credit station-based reporters on web stories. We want to work with your newsrooms more, so this is just the beginning. 

Style, Tone and Tools

We’re working on enhancing reporter production styles; more personal, engaging and enthralling storytelling. Our reporters are doing an even better job of painting an audio portrait of The World for your listeners.

If you haven’t listened lately, you should. Here are examples of how our efforts are playing out:

We’re working on a new, station-friendly clock. That means more flexibility for localization and monetization. We’ll need your input before its implemented to make sure it fits your needs.

The show is also rethinking how we help you fundraise. We’ll provide the very best tools we can, starting now. We want to ensure The World helps you drive revenue