Reshaping Audio

For 15 years, PRX has operated public radio’s largest distribution marketplace. PRX makes cutting-edge content that reaches millions of loyal, highly-engaged listeners worldwide. Our sponsors are given access to an expansive audience, from millennials to young boomers.


It's What's Between the Ears That Counts

Our podcasts attract and connect with loyal listeners. Diverse in topic, tone, and production, our shows share a distinctive style, a commitment to exceptional craft and an entrepreneurial drive.


The Sweet Spot

PRX and Radiotopia podcast enthusiasts embody the qualities meaningful to marketers.


Sponsor Messages are Heard and Remembered


• Highly-produced messages lend an authentic voice connected to content.

• Messaging reframes ads as a good friend whispering a recommendation

• Low ad load — Ads are dynamically inserted or baked‑in


An Engaged Community

PRX and Radiotopia's loyal listeners are invested in relationships with our podcasts.


of 99% Invisible fans  are able to recall the name of a sponsor


of The Moth fans would recommend the show to a friend


of Mortified fans purchase a product from a sponsor