PRX Publishing Platform

Create once, publish everywhere

Creators use our publishing platform to distribute their shows across every channel.

No other platform spans so many kinds of distribution: broadcast, podcast, apps, websites, embeds, social sharing, regional and local journalism networks, the Public Media Platform API and custom integrations with our own APIs.

The applications that make up our publishing platform provide unparalleled reach, monetization and performance for our premiere partners RadiotopiaNight Vale Presents, Gen-Z Media, WGBH and others.

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PRX Publish

Content Management

The heart of our publishing platform is the content management system, PRX Publish, where teams of creators can upload and describe their work, then get it out to listeners everywhere. The system is built for publishers big and small, and access to all your shows can be managed by multiple team members. Key features include:

  • High-speed concurrent upload for audio, video and images
  • Simple entry for titles, tags and text
  • Ability to schedule publishing, and manage publishing and archiving
  • Easy search and navigation for the full catalog of shows and episodes


After a story is ready, release it for distribution to your podcast feed, custom embeddable players, shareable links, landing pages and more.


PRX Dovetail

Seamlessly stitching sponsorship messages and highly produced audio, PRX Dovetail is a high-performance media serving application for podcast monetization.


Dovetail offers complete control of ad campaigns, with standard controls like scheduling, prioritizing, capping and more sophisticated targeting. Dovetail can:

  • Target single episodes, by topic/keyword, by show, or even to an entire network
  • Target by age, only on the latest or back catalog episodes
  • Find your audience by geography, listening app, or platform while respecting their privacy
  • Run ads uniquely at any break in a show, or paired to "bookend" before and after a story

Media Serving

Battle tested from working with the biggest shows in podcasting, Dovetail uses cutting-edge technology to handle spikes in demand and constantly changing ads and episodes, all served in moments to listeners around the world on every audio platform.


PRX Metrics

Even as Dovetail serves up audio to listeners around the world, creators use PRX Metrics to see the impact of and audience for their stories. The metrics app shows all the unique downloads for podcast audio, from every platform and player. Metrics offers:

  • Near realtime data updates
  • Flexible time selection, or convenient shortcuts
  • Easy switch between shows and episodes
  • Aggregated show downloads. You can see a single episode, or compare releases
  • Information about where listeners are located, and the apps they use the most to hear your show