PRX Dovetail

A premiere podcast publishing platform

PRX Dovetail’s suite of applications are designed to optimize and streamline the post production process for your podcast. 

Creators use Dovetail to distribute their shows across every channel, monetize their work, and collect performance data that informs their marketing, advertising, and growth opportunities. Using your PRX ID, access one or all of Dovetail’s applications to fulfill your publishing needs.

Dovetail  provides unparalleled reach, monetization and performance for our premiere partners like Radiotopia, Night Vale Presents, Gen-Z Media, WGBH, TRAX, and others.

Interested in joining them?


Podcast Publishing With Your Needs in Mind

Easily upload and describe your work in our content management system, and watch your podcast be delivered to listeners everywhere. After a story is ready, release it for distribution to your podcast feed, custom embeddable players, shareable links, and more.

The system is built for publishers big and small, and access to all your shows can be managed by multiple team members.

Flexibility for Your Shows

  • Our interface allows for multiple, flexible show structures —  from trailers to special episodes — enabling you to customize your ad delivery. As the producer, you will always own your own feed. 

Content Management With Ease

  • Manage and schedule publishing and archiving, with access across shows by multiple team members, and simple entry for titles, tags, and text.

  • Preview audio with ads stitched in before publishing.

The Latest Tech for Today’s Audio Landscape

  • High-speed, concurrent upload for audio, video, and images.

  • Feeds are smart speaker ready out of the box.


Best-in-Class Ad Insertion Technology

At the heart of the Dovetail publishing platform is a dynamic audio stitching tool that seamlessly weaves sponsorship messages and highly produced audio to create high-performance media for monetization.

Battle-tested from working with the biggest shows in podcasting, Dovetail uses cutting-edge technology to handle spikes in demand and constantly changing ads and episodes, all served in moments to listeners around the world on every audio platform.


Dynamic Ad Insertion

Run ads uniquely at any break in a show, or paired to “bookend” before and after a story at the time of user download.



By episode, show, network, vertical, topic/keyword, and


Third-Party Tags

For delivery verification: Atlas, Google/DoubleClick, Sizmek, Podtrac, Lucid, MediaMath, others upon request.


Metrics that Matter

Creators can use Dovetail’s metrics dashboard to see the impact of an audience for their stories by showing all the unique downloads for podcast audio, from every platform and player.


Near Real-Time Updates

  • Latest data available within minutes of a new download, allowing live updates of traffic on an episode.

Granular Show Data

  • Track individual episodes and data across a series of episode releases, with comparisons to all-time stats.

  • Drop day metrics to help you fine-tune your show.

Listener Data

  • Listener data by geography (country or DMA), device, and podcast app, all exportable to .csv or Google Sheets.

IAB Compliant

  • PRX adheres to the IAB 2.0 standards, as well as strict user privacy standards.