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Playlist: Current Events

Compiled By: Leigh Cooper

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Conversations on Health Care (Series)

Produced by CHC Radio

Most recent piece in this series:

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper on Bipartisanship, the Opioid Crisis, Community Health Centers, Lessons Learned from Legalized Marijuana, and Presidential Interest

From CHC Radio | Part of the Conversations on Health Care series | 30:00

Logo_small This week, hosts Mark Masselli and Margaret Flinter speak with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper who discusses how expanded coverage under the ACA has improved access to health care in his state, how embedding behavioral health in primary care is improving outcomes, and how they're fighting the opioid crisis. He addresses lessons learned from the state's marijuana legalization, and his bipartisan campaign with Governor Kasich of Ohio to promote sound health policies on the federal level including funding for CHIP, Community Health Centers and expanded coverage. Marianne O'Hare has the week's health care headlines. FactCheck.org Managing Editor Lori Robertson looks at misstatements spoken about health policy in the public domain. And we end with a Bright Idea. 

Sea Change Radio (Series)

Produced by Alex Wise

Most recent piece in this series:

Amy Harder: Democrats Debate Energy Policy

From Alex Wise | Part of the Sea Change Radio series | 28:20

Amy-harder_small The 2016 disagreement between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders over the best energy mix to help us get to a 100% renewable future sure does seem antiquated these days with climate change deniers and fossil fuel interests at the helm in Washington. This week on Sea Change Radio, though, we get an update on the continued divisions within the Democratic Party from Axios energy reporter, Amy Harder. We discuss how the Sanders wing of the Party has been able to carve out a larger piece of the policy pie than many imagined possible, what that means for future elections and try to sort out the stances of the leading voices on the Left when it comes to natural gas and nuclear power. Then, we dig into the Sea Change Radio archives and re-visit our discussion with noted linguist George Lakoff as he gives a primer on climate change messaging – a lesson that’s more relevant and important than ever before.

Healthy Medicine (Series)

Produced by Steven Ayres

Most recent piece in this series:

Healthy Medicine #81: Energize Your Life

From Steven Ayres | Part of the Healthy Medicine series | 54:35

Hm-cover_small Stephen Barrie ND is an international lecturer, writer and thought leader on making integrative medicine a valuable part of modern western healthcare. He founded the Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory, co-authored The 7-Day Detox Miracle and Energize Your Life, and has published frequently in medical journals such as The Lancet, Agents and Actions, and Medical Hypothesis. Read more at www.detoxologie.com.

Each week Healthy Medicine brings you an hour of intelligent, incisive professional-to-professional discussion on the many aspects of health and health care today, exploring new ways of looking at health, diagnosis and treatment as well as health-care economics and wellness. Host Dr Robert Zieve MD practices integrative medicine -- combining standard medical techniques with alternative disciplines new and old -- at Pine Tree Clinic in Prescott, Arizona. Read more at the Center for Healthy Medicine website, www.healthymedicine.org.

Living Well Show (Series)

Produced by Donna Descoteaux

Most recent piece in this series:

Dr. Devra Davis - Health Risks of Cell Phone Radiation - Part 1

From Donna Descoteaux | Part of the Living Well Show series | 28:31


The Environmental Health Trust is working the educate the public about these dangers AND to find solutions to mitigate the risks of cellphone and other forms of microwave radiation.  They offer tips for safer cell phone usage and ways to be active to promote a safer environment.



Global Ethics Forum: Advocates for Ethics in Business (Series)

Produced by Carnegie Council

Most recent piece in this series:

Christoph Lueneburger on Sustainable Practices

From Carnegie Council | Part of the Global Ethics Forum: Advocates for Ethics in Business series | 24:42

Globalethicsforum_logo_bigweb_small Carnegie Council's Advocates for Ethics in Business is a unique series of interviews that includes conversations with business, civil society, and academic leaders. Through their discussions, these leaders share innovative ideas, examine the role of business in society, and address the ethical considerations connected to conducting business globally.