Caption: Steven and Alexandra Ketcham
Steven and Alexandra Ketcham 

StoryCorps: Steven and Alexandra Ketcham

From: StoryCorps
Series: StoryCorps
Length: 02:19

Steven Ketcham and his wife Alexandra remember being set up by their parents. Read the full description.


This is the story of a set-up.

Alexandra Budny and Steven Ketcham first met in 2002.

But this couple might have never gotten together if it weren’t for a secret plot — by Alexandra’s mom and Steven’s dad.

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Piece Description

This is the story of a set-up.

Alexandra Budny and Steven Ketcham first met in 2002.

But this couple might have never gotten together if it weren’t for a secret plot — by Alexandra’s mom and Steven’s dad.

Broadcast History

NPR's Morning Edition 2/10/12


Alexandra Ketcham (AK): My mom was diagnosed with uh, breast cancer in 2002. And she had just left her company, so she lost health insurance. So she had to sell her house to pay for it. She sold her house and rented your dad’s house. So they found out that they both have single kids in their twenties.

Steven Ketcham (SK): Uh-huh

AK: And they decided that we were perfect for each other.

SK: The first time I met your mom, she came up to me and said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Nadia. I’m going to be your future mother-in-law. The first words out of her mouth.

AK: And we hadn’t even met yet.

SK: And we hadn’t even met.

AK: So my mom invited you to dinner. And the second I found out about it I said, “Call him up. Disinvite him. You’re not setting me up.”

SK: And I was pretty disappointed about that as well because I remember my step-mother had showed me pictures. And I wa...
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Intro and Outro


Time again for StoryCorps.

People are sharing stories about their lives and loved ones with this project.

Today -- the courtship of Steven Ketcham [KET-chum] and Alexandra Budny.

They first met ten years ago.

But it might have never happened ... if it weren't for a PLOT by their PARENTS.


Alexandra and Steven Ketcham at StoryCorps in New York City.

Their conversation will be archived at the Library of Congress.

And read more from Alexandra and Steven in the new book: "All There Is: Love Stories from StoryCorps."

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