Gen-Z Media: Podcasts for Kids 

Best Robot Ever is the home of the most innovative kids and family audio programming, including original podcasts produced by Gen-Z Media and its friends, and distributed in partnership with PRX. From exciting adventures and addictive mysteries, to hilarious game shows and popular science programming, you’ll find the best content for your next long car ride or after-dinner family listening.


The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

 The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian follows Finn and his friends on their exciting adventures living aboard the Famous Marlowe 280 Interplanetary Exploratory Space Station. Follow them as they explore planets in far-reaching galaxies, looking for a place where humans could one day live. 


Pants on Fire

Can you spot a liar, liar, pants on fire? In the era of fake news, kids must be able to tell what’s true from what’s false. And what better way than with a game show? Each week, a kid faces down two grown-ups, one an honest-to-goodness true expert, the other, well, a dirty, rotten liar! 


Six Minutes

Who is Holiday? Where did she come from and how did she end up floating in the icy waters off the coast of Alaska with no memory?  Are her mom and dad really who they say they are? Why is she developing those incredible abilities? And what’s the deal with that cool hoverboard? The mystery unfolds in six-minute episodes, twice a week all year long....


Young Ben Franklin

Meet our most endearing founding father at thirteen a charming rebel years away from discovering the ageless sayings and brilliant inventions that made him famous. When Ben and his friends stumble upon a mysterious letter leading to a legendary treasure, he'll have to use his wits and bravery to outsmart the cruel British governor of Massachusetts.


Earth Rangers

Join Emma, a wildlife biologist and roaming reporter for the Earth Rangers podcast, the brand-new show for everyone who loves to explore the mysteries of nature. Explore the deep jungle, the frozen Arctic and splash around some wetlands, all in the name of science! 


Tumble - Science Podcast for Kids

Exploring stories of science discovery, Tumble is a podcast created to be enjoyed by the entire family. Voted iTunes Best of the Year, Tumble is hosted & produced by science journalist Lindsay Patterson & teacher Marshall Escamilla. Visit for more.