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Shawn Allee

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Recent Pieces from Shawn Allee

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The evolution of diners (09:32)
From: WBEZ

Rachel Kimura asked us to gather stories of old diners around Chicago ... and in the process of getting those, we couldn't help but wonder: how did we get diners in the first ...
Caption: What's that smell?, Credit: Jennifer Brandel/WBEZ

What's that Smell? (21:32)
From: WBEZ

While playing with her kids at the Archer Park playground in Chicago, Juliet Martinez caught the distinct fragrance of silly putty.
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Will Pullman Ever Be Revitalized? (09:21)
From: WBEZ

A post-industrial neighborhood considers whether to market its history ... or start a Pullman 2.0
Caption: Aladdin's Castle, Credit: Chuck Wlodarcyk

The Bright and Dark Sides of Chicago's Riverview Park (10:00)
From: WBEZ

Investigating a historic Chicago amusement park.
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How much money do panhandlers and street performers make? (10:18)
From: WBEZ

Working for change on Chicago’s sidewalks