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Rekha Murthy

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  • Username: rmurthy
  • Director of Digital Distribution, PRX
  • Role: Listener

About Me

I'm a former public radio producer (All Things Considered), a Web and mobile producer, and an MIT Comparative Media Studies alum. I've freelanced for WGBH/BBC/PRI's The World, NPR's Day to Day, and WBUR's On Point. To me, transmedia isn't a buzzword; it's a way of life. Especially when the content is great.

Learn more about me and what I do here: http://blog.prx.org/2008/12/greetings-from-a-new-prxer

My Groups: PRX to iTunes, PRX Remix, Demo OP, and WBUR's Listen Up
My Networks: PRX Demo Network and Radiotopia
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Work Experience

Director of Digital Distribution at PRX

Previously Aired On

All Things Considered


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MS, Comparative Media Studies, 2005

Brown University, International Relations, 1996


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Other Web sites: http://www.twitter.com/rekha6