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Larry Massett

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Recent Pieces from Larry Massett

Caption: Cassageda crossroads sign: Spiritualist St and Mediumship Way, Credit: photo: Rachael Anne Ryals

HV040- Spirit World (54:00)
From: Hearing Voices

A preacher/prank-caller conjures "Alice of the Spirits." Carmen Delzell samples the "Ritual Magic" of a voodoo Santera, soaks in a spirit bath, and prays for sex, adventure, ...
Caption: Howard Dully receiving his "ice pick" lobotomy Dec. 16, 1960, Credit: Walter Freeman

HV023- This is Insanity (54:00)
From: Hearing Voices

Disturbed Mental States: "This is Insane," says William S Burroughs to the music of Disposable Heroes of Hiphopcracy. An anonymous reporter describes his "Electroshock." The ...
Caption: Vaughn Hood, Credit: Erica Heilman

An American Life (31:50)
From: Erica Heilman

A story about war and hairdressing.
Caption: Phrenology of the Brain drawing

HV044- Memory Book (54:00)
From: Hearing Voices

Recollections, remembrances, and mnemonics for marking time: Lester Nafzger recalls his life as a litany of "Lynchpins" (as told to Joe Frank, excerpted from his Hour ...
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Boring Man (10:10)
From: Erica Heilman

Everyone's heard of Burning man. But what about Boring Man?
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Thunder Road (21:23)
From: Erica Heilman

Throaty mufflers and heartbreak on Thursday nights in summer. It's Thunder Road. Two shows, 10-minutes each.
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Big Job (59:37)
From: Erica Heilman

An hour about one of the world's messiest and most important jobs....parenting.
Caption: Battle Mountain, Nevada; photo: Scott Carrier

HV018- Stars and Bars (54:00)
From: Hearing Voices

Celebrating America with flags, fireworks and summer festivals, featuring recitations and reflections on The Pledge” of Allegiance, the annual Rainbow Family migration into ...
Caption: Whistler's Mother

HV010- All Mom Radio (54:00)
From: Hearing Voices

Maternal tales from producers around the country, from traveling with mom to taking care of her.
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HV006- Radio Dial (54:00)
From: Hearing Voices

Radio stories about radio, then stories about radio stories: Jake Warga paints sound-portraits of "Urbana FM" in Uruguay and "Radio Gondor" in Ethiopia. The ShortWaveMusic ...