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Pius Wong

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Active Learning in Computer Science (37:10)
From: Pius Wong

We talk strategies for teaching computer science (CS), with Dr. Cynthia Taylor, a computer science professor at The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Cynthia does ...
Caption: The cover art for this episode is full of origami cranes, and it is inspired by “the birds activity” from past podcast guest Ellen Browne, which Melanie describes at the end of this episode; it is also inspired by the colored puzzle pieces historically us, Credit: Pios Labs

Autism in the Engineering Classroom (40:45)
From: Pius Wong

In the big push for more engineers today, can we get them from autistic students? Research has shown that college students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) go into ...
Caption: The K12 Engineering Education Podcast, Season 1, Credit: Pios Labs

Teacher Dreams and Nightmares (34:47)
From: Pius Wong

We explore the alleged phenomenon of teachers getting bad dreams and nightmares, more often than everyone else, starting with several engineering teachers' most memorable ...