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Mark Solomon

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Caption: Happy Festivus!

A Very Special Festivus! (01:00:00)
From: Mark Solomon

It's a Most Special Festivus with the Best Festivus Wine Gifts for that certain Semi-Special Someone in your life. We also speak with our favorite French Delicacy, Flo and ...
Caption: The Wine Fellers

Cab is King! (01:00:01)
From: Mark Solomon

Alex the Wine Guru discusses all things Cab. During our popular 'Flo Knows' segment say 'Hi' to a captivating French woman who knows Everything about Everything. A jovial & ...
Caption: Dingo Dog Brewing

Animal Rescue Beer Brewing (01:00:00)
From: Mark Solomon

Meet Dingo Dog Brewing. Their non-profit funds animal rescue. During our Hilarious 'Flo Knows' segment say Hi to a beautiful French woman who apparently Knows It All. A ...
Caption: The Wine Fellers

Spring Of Our Discontent (02:50)
From: Mark Solomon

Fitting song to play before or after any story involving President Trump
Caption: The Wine Fellers

Worst Rated Beers in the World (01:00:00)
From: Mark Solomon

What are the Worst Rated Beers in the World? We'll find out and maybe try one or two as we pair beer with preserved Chinese duck eggs. The Wine Fellers is a fun show for ...