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Annie McEwen

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Recent Pieces from Annie McEwen

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Ryan's First Kiss (09:04)
From: Annie McEwen

Ryan tells the story of his very first kiss and what happened after...
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The Sound of Science Fiction (59:01)
From: Conor Gillies

How do we imagine the music of other worlds?
Caption: Freedom Trail tour guide, Matt Wilding, in costume as Ebenezer Mackintosh, giving a tour of Boston's historic North End neighborhood, Credit: Christina Gustafson

No Inoculation Without Representation! (09:04)
From: Luke Quinton

How long would you guess vaccination has been around? 50? 100 years? In fact, it's an idea that's older than this country. In 1776 America's at war with England and ...
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Here I Am and Here Be Danger (Censored) (11:45)
From: Annie McEwen

An experiment in heartbreak, this piece was selected for PRX's first ever Second Ear.
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Fermata (02:30)
From: Annie McEwen

Fermata is a short piece experimenting with a connection between the human voice and the sound of a foghorn.
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Oh Brother (12:14)
From: Annie McEwen

Annie confronts her brother about his lying.
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Waiting for Jim (17:10)
From: Annie McEwen

Jim is a young man who has everything in the world but direction.
Caption: Deep Sound being assembled, Credit: David Barclay

Deep Sound (04:49)
From: Annie McEwen

David Barclay tells the story of the time he recorded the deepest sounds in the ocean.
Caption: Go Go Gadget, Credit: Mike Dennis

Go Go Alberto (04:28)
From: Annie McEwen

By day, Alberto Denis is a quiet, unassuming man who dances professionally and works with computers. By night, he transforms into his alter-ego, Go Go Gadget, to do something ...