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Caption: Joe Duley and Roger Daltry

Episode # 1 - Castaway: Joe Duley (25:40)
From: Jeff Wax

"Desert Island Discs" inaugural show broadcast in February of 2012 on WMPG in Portland, Maine featuring an interview with popular radio personality Joe Duley.
Caption: Bill Audette

Episode # 2 - Castaway: Bill Audette (29:24)
From: Jeff Wax

Bill Audette became our second guest on "Desert Island Discs" and his show aired in March of 2012 on WMPG radio. Audette offers up his vast knowledge about music from the ...
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Episode # 5 - Castaway: Matt Powell (01:45:26)
From: Jeff Wax

Our castaway is Matt Powell born and raised in “The Gem City”, Dayton, Ohio; the hometown of Orville and Wilbur Wright and a hotbed of the emerging genre of Funk music in the ...
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Episode # 6 - Castaway: Rock Bergeron (01:21:19)
From: Jeff Wax

Popular WMPG Radio morning DJ Rock Bergeron journeyed with us to the Island becoming our first live guest on "Desert Island Discs" on April 30th as our show's format expanded ...
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Episode # 7 - Castaway: Derry Rundlett (01:20:34)
From: Jeff Wax

On the third episode of "Desert Island Discs" aired on May 7, 2012 noted Portland, Maine attorney, Derry Rundlett journeyed with us to the Island. "Put your ears on" for ...