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Coming Home (19:21)
From: Vaska Trajkovska

Every Friday, individuals who wish to connect with the land and garden communally are invited to attend PLOT 22's Garden Fridays. In this intimate programme we meet three ...
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Everything Has Collapsed (51:59)
From: Vaska Trajkovska

A documentary exploring the effects of being a refugee on identity and personal relationships.
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The Packing Shed (29:00)
From: Vaska Trajkovska

The story of a unique landmark off the eastern coast of England - a packing shed built in the 1890s for the cleaning, sorting, and packing of oysters.
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Bare As You Dare! (18:13)
From: Vaska Trajkovska

Every year, in cities across the world, cyclists throw off their clothes and ride naked as part of the World Naked Bike Ride - a global protest movement that celebrates ...
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Open House (11:34)
From: Vaska Trajkovska

In this intimate piece, exhibitors and curators such as international artist Sam Toft talk about their involvement with the Artists Open Houses Festival. They discuss their ...

About Me

Brought up on a diet of BBC Radio 4's The Archers and the Today programme, I came to speech radio as a somewhat reluctant child, and emerged, to my initial horror, as perhaps its most vocal fan!

I love the storytelling power of radio, its scope and ability to reveal hidden worlds, and its powerful potential to communicate ideas to an audience.

Making radio enables me to be creative and satisfies my intense curiosity about people, their lives, and the world in which we live.

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