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Viki Merrick

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Recent Pieces from Viki Merrick

Caption: Charles Pugh, Credit: Liz Mackinder

1303: Alzheimer's, Russia, and Landfill, 5/2/2017 (53:58)
From: The Moth

A woman makes an alarming discovery about what lies beneath the large parcel of land she just purchased, an eight-year-old immigrant learns English to win a girl’s heart, a ...
Caption: Samuel Lewis Lee, Credit: Photo by Jason Falchook

Mother's Day Special 2017 (53:58)
From: The Moth

A special edition of The Moth Radio Hour dedicated to Mothers. A woman who has never wanted children suddenly questions her choice, a little girl gets angry at her mother and ...
Caption: Jane Otai, Credit: Photo by Jason Falchook

1708: More Women In The World, 4/18/2017 (53:58)
From: The Moth

In this hour, more stories from women across the world. A group of daughters bear the weight of a family death; a young girl is told to keep her religion quiet; a doctor ...
Caption: Adam Wade, Credit: Jason Falchook

1305: Epilepsy, Roast Beef, and Adoption, 4/4/2017 (53:57)
From: The Moth

Slow service at a deli counter leads to an angry and regrettable outburst, a husband describes his wife’s lifelong battle with epilepsy, a teenager gives birth and makes the ...
Caption: Cole Kazdin, Credit: Photo by Renee Rosensteel

1707: Sword Fight, Hip Hop, Amnesia, Berlin, 3/28/2017 (53:58)
From: The Moth

In this hour, a heartbroken woman has a wish come true; a homeowner gets an unwanted surprise; a struggling temp remembers his glory days; a foreigner witnesses history. ...
Caption: Photo by, Credit: Jason Falchook

1704: Facing The Dark, 3/21/2017 (53:59)
From: The Moth

In this hour, a chaplain guides a family through death and goodbyes; a man wanders New York City during the black of 2003; and a daughter tries to break her father’s silence ...
Caption: Ray Christian, Credit: Dare Kumolu-Johnson

1709: People, Problems, Places, 3/7/2017 (53:58)
From: The Moth

In this hour, a man whose mother never learned to read enrolls in law school.; a recent graduate runs in to familiar faces; an uber driver encounters an unruly passenger; a ...
Caption: Bokara Legendre, Credit: Amanda Kowalski

1306: Chess, Romance, and Kathmandu, 3/14/2017 (53:57)
From: The Moth

A special live edition of The Moth on Martha’s Vineyard, hosted by Jenny Allen with additional hosting by Jay Allison. The first African American Grandmaster details his ...
Caption: Michael Massimino, Credit: Jason Falchook

1706: Live from the World Science Festival, 2/21/2017 (53:57)
From: The Moth

A special Live edition of The Moth at Lincoln Center in New York City in partnership with The World Science Festival. Hosted by Adam Gopnik with additional hosting from Jay ...
Caption: Nathan Englander, Credit: Jason Falchook

1312: PTSD, Lost Art, and The Berlin Wall, 2/14/2017 (53:55)
From: The Moth

The victim of a random stabbing struggles to reestablish his life while suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, author Nathan Englander describes coming of age at 19 ...