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Viki Merrick

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Recent Pieces from Viki Merrick

Caption: Neil Gaiman, Credit: Mark Arrigo

1603: London Calling — with Crossfire, and a Vampire, 2/20/2018 (53:56)
From: The Moth

Author Neil Gaiman explains why he’s afraid to sing in public, a tourist gets a scare in London’s Highgate Cemetery, a Nigerian man tells a bold truth on live television and ...
Caption: Photo by Sean Carter, Credit: Suzie Afridie

1805: In The Name Of Love, 2/6/2018 (53:57)
From: The Moth

In this hour, we celebrate things we do in the name of love. A woman is asked to choose between her family and the man she loves; a fisherman comes to appreciate his roots; a ...
Caption: Natalie Chanin, Credit: Jason Falchook

1602: Sewing, Singing, Suits, and Cemeteries, 2/13/2018 (53:58)
From: The Moth

An adolescent boy leaves home and finds a peculiar new family, a fashion guru is forced to improvise, a Baptist finds himself at a gay bar and a young woman discovers the ...
Caption: Christine Gentry, Credit: Photo by Allison Evans

1804: Young Adults, 1/30/2018 (53:58)
From: The Moth

In this hour, seven stories about young adults and the world around them. Boundaries, curfews, hairstyles, first loves, fitting in and letting go. Hosted by The Moth's Senior ...
Caption: Abraham Leno, Credit: Photo by Caroline Lacey

1803: Camouflage: Stories of Hidden Selves, 1/16/2018 (53:58)
From: The Moth

In this hour, four stories about secret identities and true selves. A secular man immerses himself in a Christian world; a young woman pledges herself to a humble life of ...
Caption: Sinead Burke, Credit: Mark Earley

1601: Live from Dublin, 1/23/2018 (53:57)
From: The Moth

A special live edition of The Moth in Dublin at Liberty Hall. A young woman must decide if she wants the surgery that might give her a few extra inches of height, a Fulbright ...
Caption: Liel Leibovitz

1802: Shocks and Surprises, 1/9/2018 (53:59)
From: The Moth

In this hour, a woman gets a call in the middle of the night; a young boy discovers the truth about his idol; a girl does her best to prepare for a big moment; and a family ...
Caption: Catherine Palmer, Credit: Photo by Jason Falchook

1801: Live from Portsmouth, 1/2/2018 (53:58)
From: The Moth

In this hour, a special live edition of The Moth from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Hosted by Dame Wilburn, with additional hosting by Jay Allison. A mother tries to model ...
Caption: Dawn Fraser

1723: Presents, Menorahs and Palm Trees: December Holiday Stories, 12/19/2017 (53:58)
From: The Moth

In this special December holiday hour, stories about celebration, differing traditions, and family. A mother and son do their best to keep the gifting spirit alive, a ...
Caption: Kemp Powers, Credit: Eli Goldstein

1307: Mighty: Bull, Pen, Gun, 12/26/2017 (53:58)
From: The Moth

An author who treasures the art of letter-writing is spellbound by an inmate who becomes a pen pal, a man comes to terms with a personal tragedy caused by a gun, and a writer ...