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Caption: The intersection on Pennsylvania & North Avenues in Baltimore, Credit: Wendel Patrick
Voices from the epicenter of unrest in Baltimore

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  • Added: Aug 13, 2015
  • Length: 06:00
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Radio Curious revisits a conversation with whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked top-secret, military documents about the Vietnam war in 1971. ...

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  • Added: Apr 26, 2015
  • Length: 29:01
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The first of a three-part sound collage that memorializes African American men and women who were tortured by Chicago Police officers in the 1970s ...

  • Added: Feb 18, 2015
  • Length: 01:45
Caption: Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou, Credit: http://www.apbspeakers.com/
Some call it a new civil rights movement. Others simply call it “black lives matter”. We hear a conversation about waging strategic non-violence be...

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  • Added: Feb 06, 2015
  • Length: 29:00
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Caption: Diana Moya Lujan's piece at the Museum of International Folk Art
An N’MPower participant, who wishes to remain anonymous, interviews Spanish Colonial artist Diana Moya Lujan, in a community engagement project bet...

  • Added: Apr 09, 2014
  • Length: 05:57
Caption: Hawaii: A Voice for Sovereignty (Documentary artwork)
Some call it “Paradise”, but Hawaii isn’t just a tourist getaway. Look beyond the resorts, and you’ll find a history of opposition to US occupation...

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  • Added: Oct 10, 2013
  • Length: 29:00
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The final piece in a three-part sound collage that memorializes African American men and women who were tortured by Chicago Police officers in the ...

  • Added: Nov 28, 2012
  • Length: 01:00
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On this episode of Wordy Birds we interview Matthew White about his book, The Great Big Book of Horrible Things, which documents, analyzes, and ran...

  • Added: Jul 25, 2012
  • Length: 27:30
Caption: Brian Perkins with San Mateo Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Credit: Photo courtesy StoryCorps
San Mateo Congresswoman Jackie Speier has lived quite an eventful life. But arguably the most remarkable event happened during her time spent as a ...

  • Added: Apr 11, 2011
  • Length: 07:43
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Heba Morayef reports from Tahrir Square, where the crowd is celebrating after the announcement that President Hosni Mubarak has stepped down.

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  • Added: Feb 11, 2011
  • Length: 01:06
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Caption: The President & First Lady after his remarks in Tucson, Credit: White House Photo, Pete Souza, 1/12/11
President Obama speaks at the Memorial Service for the Victims of the Shooting in Tucson, Arizona. McKale Memorial Center University of Arizona ...

  • Added: Jan 13, 2011
  • Length: 33:37
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Timeless and true, these powerful narratives, passionately delivered by Vietnam Veterans, convey the grief, guilt and rage that can endure in the w...

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  • Added: Nov 10, 2004
  • Length: 57:04
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