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Caption: Leo Jackson
Every October, over 30 cyclists from the New Orleans area embark on a three-day bike ride to the Louisiana State Penitentiary. The “NOLA to Angola”...

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Why should I feel guilty, let alone do something about the wrongs that my great-grandfather committed against your great-grandfather?

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Caption: Sax titan John Coltrane
In this hour, it's the life and legend of John Coltrane—from his rural North Carolina roots to his place as one of jazz's most spiritual men and mu...

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Caption: "Out Chorus" by jazz painter Romare Bearden, 1979-1980.
You can't listen to a painting or see a song. But that doesn't mean there aren't really interesting places where the worlds of jazz and art overlap...

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Caption: Joel Washington painted this portrait of jazz musician Wes Montgomery, which hangs in the Indiana Memorial Union., Credit: Lacy Scarmana
Some people drop everything to pursue a dream. Painter Joel Washington, however, keeps his day job to fuel his passion.

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Tracy K. Smith, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 2012 for her collection LIFE ON MARS, reads from this book that portrays American life and pays tribu...

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Caption: Rahsaan Roland Kirk
His unrivaled ability for playing many instruments at once made him one of the most unique jazz musicians of all time. But Rahsaan Roland Kirk's ba...

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Caption: Charlie Rouse
Charlie Rouse was an American hard bop tenor saxophonist and much sought-after sideman. He is known primarily for his collaboration with Thelonious...

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Sit in any prison classroom or recreation room in any prison in the country and ask yourself: How many writers are in the room. How many people ar...

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Song Story features songwriters telling the true stories behind their original songs. This pre-season sneak-peek features singer/songwriter/produce...

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At the intersection of theater and social activism: Citizen Artist Rachael Holmes. [26:52]

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How may speech affect your perceived level of intelligence? Dr. John Baugh describes research that sheds light on linguistic profiling.

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In the late 1980s, a personal case of housing discrimination prompted Dr. John Baugh to launch decades of research into what he calls linguistic pr...

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One of the most important writers of the Black Arts Movement, Sonia Sanchez recently completed her term as Philadelphia's first Poet Laureate. This...

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Alan Lomax traveled the south visiting prisons and recording songs and interviews. Lomax was a great collector of folk music of the 20th century an...

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Caption: Philadelphia trumpeter Clifford Brown
This week on The New Jazz Archive, we're continuing our ongoing tour of America's "Great Jazz Cities" with the stories and sounds of jazz in Philad...

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Caption: Kyes Stevens
We asked poet Kyes Steven of Auburn University's Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project to record a workshop for us. Take a listen. Prison Poetr...

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Caption: Reverend John D. Hill, Credit: Grant Chapel AME Church
Reverend Hill discusses the history of Grant Chapel, and the A.M.E. church as a whole, connecting its founding as a rejection of discrimination to ...

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In a rare archival interview, Ralph Ellison, one of Oklahoma’s most important writers, reveals the illness that led him to write Invisible Man, and...

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Caption: Jazz poet Langston Hughes
What do Langston Hughes, the fifties Beat writers, and jazz critics all have in common? They all like to write about jazz. This week, we'll take a ...

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Caption: Jazz all-star Art Blakey
It's almost taken for granted today that jazz grew out of African music. But when you get down to it, the connections that make up jazz's African h...

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Caption: Joe Brewster & Michele Stephenson, San Francisco, CA 10/28/13, Credit: Andrea Chase
Michele Stephenson and Joe Brewster talk commitment, reflection, and unconscious racism.

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Caption: Tina Hayes School of Etiquette Class
California has been in an ongoing struggle trying to figure out how to deal with overcrowding in prisons. The problems extend to the Division of Ju...

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Caption: North or south, Highway 61 is America's "Blues Highway"
The myth and magic of the American road is one of the defining themes in American life. This week we hit the road in search of the highways and byw...

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Caption: Jelly Role Morton
Born Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe in New Orleans right before the turn of the 20th Century, Jelly Role Morton is credited as one of the founding father...

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