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Command Sergeant Major Roy Wilkins and Retired Army 1st Sergeant Keith Melick, who first crossed paths at war in 2004, talk about reuniting in a VA...

Bought by Blue Mountain Radio , WEZU, and WTJU

  • Added: Dec 09, 2014
  • Length: 03:44
  • Purchases: 3
Caption: Mike Notter of the Seattle bands Motopony and Hannalee cleans windows for a living, Credit: Joshua McNichols / Day Job
Mike Notter (currently with the bands Motopony and Hannalee) used to be in a band with a bunch of other window washers (Shim). Back then, cleaning ...

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  • Added: Dec 05, 2014
  • Length: 16:10
  • Purchases: 1
Caption: Jackie taking a break from building her house.
Dreams can be as simple as a home and a flower garden. Jackie walked by the Habitat for Humanity application for 2 years.

  • Added: Dec 01, 2014
  • Length: 01:33
Caption: Peter Donnelly on the beach in Provincetown, Credit: Annabel Lang
Peter Donnelly is a singer/songwriter based in Provincetown, the famous gay paradise at the tip of Cape Cod. He's a local celebrity with national r...

Bought by WCAI / WNAN and PRX Remix

  • Added: Nov 30, 2014
  • Length: 04:52
  • Purchases: 2
Caption: Kiser, Home Again!
Ashley went outside to call her best friend Kiser… she called his name, a long pause and then nothing, silence. Kiser was gone.

  • Added: Nov 24, 2014
  • Length: 01:38
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Miguel Alvarez (L) and Maurice Rowland (R) remember caring for residents at an assisted living home, where they were a janitor and a cook, when it ...

Bought by WRIR, Blue Mountain Radio , WTJU, and WEZU

  • Added: Nov 21, 2014
  • Length: 01:35
  • Purchases: 4
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Hospice nurse and Retired Navy Corpsman Ron Riveira tells his friend, retired Army Medic Jason...

Bought by Blue Mountain Radio and WTJU

  • Added: Nov 17, 2014
  • Length: 03:58
  • Purchases: 2
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Ask someone from out of state to describe Minnesota and you’ll probably hear a lot of “Minnesota Nice,” "uff dah’s" and "you betcha’s." Scandinavia...

Bought by KSRQ

  • Added: Nov 06, 2014
  • Length: 05:04
  • Purchases: 1
Caption: Joanna Ebenstein holding a taxidermy two-headed duckling at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Gowanus, Brooklyn.
Joanna Ebenstein, founder of the Morbid Anatomy Museum, tells her father, Bob, about the childhood...

Bought by WEZU, Radio Newark, and PRX Remix

  • Added: Oct 31, 2014
  • Length: 02:04
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  • Added: Oct 28, 2014
  • Length: 02:03
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Eighteen-year-old Tatyana Martinez turned to writing poetry as a young girl to cope with big changes in her life. Over time, her poetry evolved int...

  • Added: Oct 27, 2014
  • Length: 04:38
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Casey Twenter and Jeff Robison talk chartreuse pants, staying in Oklahoma, and why William H. Macy is a prince.

  • Added: Oct 24, 2014
  • Length: 16:54
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A night of recollections, moments and new memories.

Bought by PRX Remix

  • Added: Oct 23, 2014
  • Length: 01:17
  • Purchases: 1
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Phil and Philip Mortillaro, a father-and-son locksmith team, talk about the family business.

Bought by WTJU and WEZU

  • Added: Oct 22, 2014
  • Length: 02:16
  • Purchases: 2
Caption: Five-time Emmy Award winner Fran Brill, the first woman hired by Jim Henson for Sesame Street (seen here with Zoe) is retiring after 42 years , Credit: Jim Henson Legacy
Cobblestones: Jim Henson from A to Zoe is a sound rich special that includes original interviews, clips, music, and new skits with many of the orig...

Bought by WAMC

  • Added: Oct 22, 2014
  • Length: 55:05
  • Purchases: 1
Caption: Chloe (a little younger than 4) and her father Matt, Credit: Katy Sewall
Chloe loves watching horror movies. The catch: She's only four years old. How does her father feel about that? Very, very proud. Does that make h...

Bought by PRX Remix and KFAI

  • Added: Oct 17, 2014
  • Length: 03:26
  • Purchases: 2
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Emily McWilliams comes from a family of musicians. She always performed and written music: she's been playing the piano for 20 years and composes s...

Bought by WAMC and PRX Remix

  • Added: Oct 16, 2014
  • Length: 06:13
  • Purchases: 2
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Tina Vasquez tells her mother, Sonia Vasquez, about what it was like to grow up...

Bought by WMUU-LP, WRIR, WEZU, and WTJU

  • Added: Oct 16, 2014
  • Length: 01:59
  • Purchases: 4
Caption: Dakota Gibson (left), Gary Barber (middle) and their mentor Kenny Thompson.
Kenny Thompson, a volunteer mentor, tells students Gary Barber and Dakota Gibson about discovering that...

Bought by WEZU

  • Added: Sep 23, 2014
  • Length: 02:12
  • Purchases: 1
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Rita Fischer (90) and Jay Fischer (65) recall the moment that Jay came out as...

Bought by WEZU, Public Radio for All, and WTJU

  • Added: Sep 03, 2014
  • Length: 02:29
  • Purchases: 3
Caption: Olivia Fite (left) and her mother Barbara Moore.
Barbara Moore (R) tells her daughter, Olivia Fite (L), about becoming a bricklayer in the...

Bought by WEZU, KIDE Hoopa Tribal Radio 91.3fm, KERA, and KMUD

  • Added: Aug 21, 2014
  • Length: 02:14
  • Purchases: 4
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When and where were you happiest? Novelist Helen Oyeyemi answers a modified version of the Proust Questionnaire, a set of questions made famous by ...

Bought by KPIP-LP and PRX Remix

  • Added: Aug 12, 2014
  • Length: 04:03
  • Purchases: 2
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Dekalb Walcott III talks to his dad, retired Chicago Fire Chief Dekalb Walcott Jr., about...

Bought by WEZU, WTJU, and KMUD

  • Added: Jul 08, 2014
  • Length: 02:04
  • Purchases: 3
Caption: The high dive at Dreamland., Credit: Courtesy Dr. Reginal Shareef.
Memories of an African-American swimming pool and dance club in the Jim Crow south.

Bought by KALW and WABE

  • Added: Jun 16, 2014
  • Length: 06:51
  • Purchases: 2
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Ron Padgett is a poet, translator, and memoirist from Tulsa. He left for New York in 1960 to find inspiration from poets like Allen Ginsberg and Fr...

  • Added: Jun 12, 2014
  • Length: 17:36