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Another night of music you've never heard by musicians you've never heard of... Made substantially better via my tin foil hat.

  • Added: Feb 03, 2013
  • Length: 02:53:50
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And some great interstitials between music you've never heard by musicians you've never heard of. Americana music from the 1950s to the 1970's. O...

  • Added: Jan 28, 2013
  • Length: 02:48:26
Caption: Ira Kip
In Brooklyn, theater director Ira Kip talks to Cathy Byrd about her new play "She'Baltimore" and the raw space between medical politics and domesti...

  • Added: Jan 07, 2013
  • Length: 15:58
Caption: From the cover of Mother: A Journal of New Literature (1964). Reproduced with permission., Credit: Joe Brainard
In his poem "Autobiography," Joe Brainard tells us who he is. Some of the things that make him unique challenge the status quo of 1950s Tulsa, wher...

  • Added: Nov 07, 2011
  • Length: 03:30
Caption: PRX default Piece image
Relationships to skin: an artful approach to dealing with pride and self-destruction.

  • Added: Jul 11, 2006
  • Length: 01:33
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Contemporary interviews of women becoming men mix with a potentially true story of a 16th-century hermaphrodite.

  • Added: Jun 28, 2006
  • Length: 22:49