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Each week Brian Bacchus explores the best in underground house and techno, often with an internationally renowned guest. Past guests include Sasha, MANDY, Anna, Oliver Huntemann, etc.

  • From: Brian Bacchus
  • Updated: Dec 01, 2016
  • Avg Piece Length: 02:00:01
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The Jazz Network is the preeminent hosted Jazz music service heard on over 270 outlets nationwide.

Caption: Maison Carree, Nîmes. , Credit: Lydia Roelandts, Antwerp, Belgium
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We continue our exploration of French Language Popular Music with songs from yesterday and today. Through the English commentary you'll learn about the artists and what the songs are about. Pour yourself a glass of good wine and enjoy the beautiful voices and melodies.

  • From: Charles Spira
  • Updated: Nov 29, 2016
  • Avg Piece Length: 28:59
Caption: Ray Whitaker
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A Weekly "Open Letter" to anyone or anything that deserves one.

  • From: WMVY
  • Updated: Nov 29, 2016
  • Avg Piece Length: 54:57
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Weekly commentaries that look at current events through the lens of history. Emmy Award-winning journalist, author, and historian, Janus Adams, is host.

  • From: WJFF
  • Updated: Nov 28, 2016
  • Avg Piece Length: 05:57
Caption: PRX default Series image
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The Vineyard Current is a 30 minute program made up of up to 6 segments capturing the essence of life on Martha's Vineyard.

  • From: WMVY
  • Updated: Nov 27, 2016
  • Avg Piece Length: 31:06
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A weekly one-hour program featuring music and conversation with independent, contemporary folk musicians.

  • From: Sundilla
  • Updated: Nov 26, 2016
  • Avg Piece Length: 59:00
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In the Dark examines how law enforcement handled the kidnapping of Jacob Wetterling, an 11-year-old Minnesota boy – a case that went unsolved for nearly 27 years. Unlike other true crime programs, In the Dark goes beyond the horror of the story to reveal the sweeping consequences of the case: the creation of the federal sex offender registry; a community damaged by law enforcement mistakes; the devastating effects of publicly labeling a man a “person of interest.” Moreover, the reporting introduces data that will enlighten communities nationwide about their local crime solving.

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Growing up in small town Michigan during the 70's.

Caption: Playing on Air
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Playing on Air is a unique public radio program featuring a novel form of story-telling, the short play. It's a genre, virtually unknown, but ideal for the rhythms of radio listeners. Featuring actors such as Actors Bobby Cannavale, Audra McDonald, Rosie Perez, Adam Driver, John Leguizamo, Michelle Williams, Jesse Eisenberg performing scripts by the finest contemporary playwrights including many Pulitzer Prize, Tony and Oscar winners. Masters of the form, they write pieces that, like all great theater, entertain, illuminate, inform and humanize. Each short is about 12-25 minutes. There are two or three of them on every 53-minute episode. And each is immediately followed by a lively conversation with its playwright, director, and cast.

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Since 2007, brave adults across Canada have shared their own weird and wonderful childhood and teenage writing at Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids, a live, onstage storytelling event turned podcast.

  • From: Dan Misener
  • Updated: Nov 17, 2016
  • Avg Piece Length: 04:29
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The Score with Edmund Stone is a weekly celebration of symphonic music in film, a fascinating cultural adventure through America’s best-loved art form. Movies are your listeners’ most common musical experience and a gateway to classical music.

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FREE for 6 months then affordable sliding scale per year. A Radio Program that Models Civil Discourse, Critical Thinking and Good Citizenship A weekly radio program dedicated to the search for truth in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson. Explore a current or historical event using both a Jeffersonian lens and a modern-day humanities lens.

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Traditional and contemporary nighttime jazz programming with host David Basse. Host David Basse and producer Joe Cartwright present Jazz with David Basse—fifteen hours a week of traditional and contemporary nighttime jazz programming. David Basse is well known to Kansas Public Radio listeners as the host of The Jazz Scene, which airs weekly on KPR and its subsidiaries. Joe Cartwright is the music director for "12th Street Jump," public radio's weekly jazz, blues and comedy jam, which airs on over 120 NPR stations.

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WorldLink - linking global voices behind the headlines. Deutsche Welle's news magazine with updated weekly reporting examines international news through a personal lens with engaging, sound-rich reporting and compelling interviews. WorldLink foregoes breaking news coverage and analysis, moving directly to the impact of the news by going to the source of the story to find the people whose lives have been changed by today's events.

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Good Books Radio is a free weekly radio broadcast that interviews authors of some of the best recently published books by top publishers. Stations may edit the interviews as they wish and use all or part of them. The series includes books (mostly nonfiction) from Penguin, Simon and Schuster, and HarperCollins, among others. We have interviewed a wide range of authors over the years, from Pulitzer Prize winners to NYT´s best-sellers, to promising debut authors. We will upload a new 30 minute program each week so interested stations can use this content as a standard series. Stations may edit the content to suit their needs.

  • From: W F Strong
  • Updated: Nov 11, 2016
  • Avg Piece Length: 30:38
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American Parlor Songbook is a radio variety program based in Southern California.

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Peace Talks Radio: A Series of Hour-long Specials On Peacemaking and Nonviolent Conflict Resolution Strategies (Newscast Friendly Hours)

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A series of 29:00 programs (and occasional hour-long specials) about peacemaking and nonviolent conflict resolution strategies

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The Jonathan Channel’s newest series For The Record explores the making of five seminal Broadway cast albums produced by Thomas Z. Shepard. Shepard hosts the series with fellow record producer and Broadway aficionado Julian Fleisher.

  • From: WQXR
  • Updated: Nov 08, 2016
  • Avg Piece Length: 59:59
Caption: Film music you remember, even if you've forgotten the film.
49 Pieces

Join Quinn Riley and Robert Bruce for a weekly one hour program exploring film music by known and not so well known composers from Chaplin to Zimmer. Film music you remember … even if you’ve forgotten the film.

  • From: KCME
  • Updated: Nov 06, 2016
  • Avg Piece Length: 58:36
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Compelling audio stories from the world of amateur sports.

  • From: Nathan Noll
  • Updated: Nov 02, 2016
  • Avg Piece Length: 01:48:03
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Winona LaDuke is an Anishinaabe activist, environmentalist, economist, and writer, known for her work on tribal land claims and preservation, as well as sustainable development. She is from the White Earth Nation.

Caption: Hammond organ virtuoso Billy Preston
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Join Sanguine Fromage for the best in funk, soul, and jazz. UpFront Soul... 120 minutes of soulful sounds to which you may get down!

Caption: PRX default Series image
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"The Empowered Patient" (TEP) is a new health program -- feature-length for public radio stations, and each segment available in as a podcast -- that provides information to listeners to use in making their own lifestyle decisions. Hosted by Dr. Kalpana DePasquale and produced by Warren Miller, TEP offers the insights of researchers and medical practitioners, field interviews with people in their daily lives, and discussion of the many factors that impact our lives, our health and our well-being.

  • From: Warren Miller
  • Updated: Oct 31, 2016
  • Avg Piece Length: 33:59
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A podcast celebrating people who are from everywhere and belong nowhere.

  • From: Naima Sakande
  • Updated: Oct 29, 2016
  • Avg Piece Length: 26:52
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History repeats and it helps you see your world in a new way. Some of the best lessons in your life are learned where the edges overlap.

Discover your life in The Middle Edges.

Log into PRX, visit The Middle Edges, and subscribe.

  • From: Ted Wells
  • Updated: Oct 28, 2016
  • Avg Piece Length: 22:42
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Women, particularly indigenous women, have a role in answering and contributing to questions regarding the challenge of climate change. This podcast is inspired by preliminary research on indigenous women’s intimate connection with the environment and how recent developments (such as the proposed Dakota Access pipeline) affect both women’s bodies and responses to climate change.

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Held September 24th and 25th, 2016 in Detroit Lakes, Mn.

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Formerly known as "On The Money", The Steve Pomeranz Hour is a weekly financial radio show currently airing on over 40 NPR affiliates and public radio stations across the country, featuring nationally-acclaimed financial expert and host, Steve Pomeranz. The show educates and protects listeners with money advice covering the entire financial spectrum- from money rebates and rip-offs, to smart shopping, wise investing and retirement financial issues.