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Doug the Jitterbug's Audio Collage

Series produced by Doug Hillyard

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Image by: by Robert Armstrong 

Radio show live at Ozcatradio.com, KZCT 89.5 FM Vallejo, CA. Often thematic mix of roots music and everything under the sun, including comedy.

Doug the Jitterbug's Audio Collage can include anything, but tends toward musics not heard on commercial stations. Deep into the roots and history of music, but not afraid of new material that fits. Blues, vintage jazz, hillbilly, rockabilly, country, folk, rock, western swing, comedy, classical, world music and dang did I forget something, oh and sometimes spoken word. The palette of all recorded material is there waiting to be splashed on the audio canvas. Did I say I often do themes...yep.

2 Pieces

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Songs and spoken word on Immigration. Lots of Irish music this time as it was meant to be right before St Patricks Day. Show was shortened by wei...

  • Added: Mar 31, 2017
  • Length: 02:39:58
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Audio Collage with roots music and comedy.

  • Added: Mar 16, 2017
  • Length: 02:58:08