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Featured PRX Members

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Dick Meister

I'm a San Francisco-based freelance writer and broadcaster whose columns, articles and commentaries have been used by more than 400 print, broadcast and online outlets ...
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Grant Barrett

I am co-host of A Way with Words, public radio's weekly language show. A Way with Words is a lively hour-long program during which we take calls about slang, grammar, old ...
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Charles Lee

I am the producer and co-host of the Groks Science Radio Show, which also can be heard as a podcast at: www.groks.net/groks.rss
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Philip Nusbaum

Phil Nusbaum got the Bluegrass bug a long time ago, and went on to becoming a radio host, professional player and folklore scholar. Among the things of which he is most proud ...
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Chris Heim

Chris Heim - Producer/Announcer Chicago native Chris Heim began a lifelong love affair with radio after wandering into her campus station at the University of Chicago and ...
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Dennis Conrow

I have been the assistant producer of the public radio literary program New Letters on the Air since January 2004. True to most things in my life, I fell into the position ...