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Playlist: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow- Phil Mariage's Favorites

Compiled By: Phil Mariage

Phil Mariage - KUAR Little Rock Credit:
Phil Mariage - KUAR Little Rock

The only program dedicated to the preservation of comparative generational thought.

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (Series)

Produced by Phil Mariage

Most recent piece in this series:

Regionalization in America

From Phil Mariage | Part of the Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow series | 51:26

Ytt-300x300_small A special in terview with Author Collin Woodard discussing his book, American Nations: A History of the 11 Regional Rival Cultures. In this hour long discussion author Collin Woodard gives us the answer to that question that we all ask about the differences in cultures within our own nation. Why is the North so different from the South? (Not just in weather!) Why is the political tendency so predictable when comparing the various regions of our country. This is a spellbinding discussion that will enlighten all listeners.