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Playlist: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow- Phil Mariage's Favorites

Compiled By: Phil Mariage

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Phil Mariage - KUAR Little Rock

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Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (Series)

Produced by Phil Mariage

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From Phil Mariage | Part of the Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow series | 51:26

Phil Mariage


Hi everyone, I'm PM and this is YTT....or topic this evening is TRUST. I know it may be hard to believe, given all the recent usage of the word trust in our political news headlines, but I had scheduled this topic quite a while ago. I knew it was coming up, but as it got closer and closer in time...the word trust began to appear in story after story. There are so many aspects of trust in our lives. Politics is just one and we'll delve into that aspect a little later in the program. I want to introduce my special guest this evening...


Josh Morgan is a data analyst and applied sociologist who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. His research on social trends has been featured by organizations like the Washington Post, the global news site Quartz, and the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University. He is also the host of an independent podcast called the Plural of You, which he has dedicated to the spirit of people helping people. Josh Morgan joins us by phone...welcome to the program.


We'll get into the current political aspect a little later...I read your very interesting article The Decline of Trust in the United States

A Look at the Trend and What Can Be Done About It

Take us through the various issues you brought up....