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Playlist: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow- Phil Mariage's Favorites

Compiled By: Phil Mariage

Phil Mariage - KUAR Little Rock Credit:
Phil Mariage - KUAR Little Rock

The only program dedicated to the preservation of comparative generational thought.

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (Series)

Produced by Phil Mariage

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Sexual Harassment - A Generational Discussion

From Phil Mariage | Part of the Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow series | 51:26



Hi everyone, I'm Phil Mariage and this is Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow...a few weeks ago, sexual harassment wasn't even in the news. Even though sexual harassment rose to the level of a short news story every now and then...it wasn't on everyone's mind...till Harvey Weinstein. Since then so many well known... and up until then well respected men.... have had there other lives exposed to everyone. Hollywood stars, Washington politicians, business icons and various other men have been outed in a storm of devastating consequence to their lives and our social fabric. But sexual harassment has so many other faces...in jobs, education, sports, religions and so much more...that is our topic today and my guests for the program are....Angela McGrew, Monie Johnson, Lindsey Lewis and Michelle Cline. My guests today ...have experienced and helped many who have faced this life changing issue.