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Playlist: Eighth Fire Starters Radio

Compiled By: HawkStorm Birch

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Eighth Fire Starters Radio (Series)

Produced by Kimberley Little White Owl Lambert

Most recent piece in this series:

People, Power and Pipelines

From Kimberley Little White Owl Lambert | Part of the Eighth Fire Starters Radio series | 58:59

People_over_pipelinessmall_small Guests: Courtney Williams from (Safe Energy Rights Group), catches us up on the passage of the massive fracked gas pipeline crossing the north east and headed for export. Then, Trenton Casillas-Bakeberg (Bee), (One Mind Youth Movement), joins us, from Cheyenne River, ND. He shares his experience as one of the first people to answer the call to support Standing Rock in the work to protect the water from The Dakota Access Pipeline and brings us up to date on the incredible work he is doing now. 

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